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Betsy Bennett Purvis

June 17, 2013 CLA204 Week 15 What Happened to the Trojans After the Trojan War? Virgil’s Aeneid Virgil’s Aeneid … Octavian/Augustus … Social Wars Rome had colonized and taken over a lot of places, Macedonia and into the east they had managed to expand its power by relying on allies to pay taxes and send men to the army. Social wars come out cuz all these Latin allies living in Italy frustrated wanted citizenship and right to vote –this is why war was fought outcome Latin allies became citizens and got greater status then Rome’s other conquered allies. nd Same time fighting with allies conflict with old aristocratic noble families. 2 part of Aeneid takes place in Italy. Gnaeus Pompey and Julius Caesar Internal conflict. Old aristocratic families relied on wealth to get what they wanted. New breed of politician might not have been wealthy or had old political connection got popular support got lots of lower class ppl on their side to vote for them ppl believed they were the right person to lead Rome even if they weren’t rich. Pompey is super rich, family is old, established, and aristocratic likes status quo. Other side of civil war is Julius Caesar-earning popular support trying to work outside established system of government to make change and gain power for himself. The two fight a war with each other eventually Pompey is killed Caesar is the victor and sole leader of Rome, only person with final say. Caesar didn’t do enough to make his image not look like someone who is just telling everyone else what to do –came across as a tyrant/dictator who didn’t care what everyone else though-he gets assassinated because ppl are worried abt his growing power. Marc Anthony and Octavian / Battle of Actium 31 BCE Octavian/Augustus was Caesars grandnephew. Wanted to become the next Julius Caesar, Anthony was one of his loyal supporters, Octavian/Augustus was blood relative of Caesar both attempt to take up Caesars role. Octavian spends time in city gaining support from political allies. Anthony goes east in search of money he ends up with Cleopatra in Egypt gets her support and has children with her. When ppl find out Anthony is going to make his Egyptian kids heirs the two-fight war together. Anthony is seen as a traitor. Navy battle in ships, Marc Anthony is defeated. Eventually Marc Anthony and Cleopatra commit suicide. There is a single ruler in charge again- Octavian. June 17, 2013 Ara Pacis – Tellus or Pax? Trying to rule as a single person at same time doing it has to make it seem like senate still has power and old aristocratic ppl still have power. Has to show it’s a good think Rome is now a place of peace and stability. Has to conduct serious propaganda campaign to make sure he doesn’t get assassinated too. Aeneid by Virgil is to make Augustus look like a good ruler who is not going to screw over Rome. *(Don’t need to remember all these details>) revived religious practices revived cults, concerned with Roman morality, thought ppl should get married have lots of kids their should be no adultery, made city function more successfully, secured food supply made sure Rome has enough grain, introduces police force, to make it look like his rule is a good thing. He is just helping Rome to be a better place. Ara Pacis = Altar of peace, cornucopia full of fruit and grains, guys represent salt water and fresh water, jug at the bottom with water flowing out, flower vegetation, and lushness everywhere wanted ppl to thing it was an amazing place and that Rome was like this because of him. The Aeneid *don’t need to know all this  Book 1: Aeneas encounters a storm and is cast ashore at Carthage. While sailing around the seas to find a new place to found a city  Book 2: The hero tells Dido of his escape from Troy. Ex. Death of Priam  Book 3: The wanderings of Aeneas: Harpies, meeting with Helenus. Death of Anchises. Tells what happened to him after the fall of Troy and Aeneas dad dies  Book 4: Dido's passion for Aeneas. At Jupiter's/Zeus’s command, Aeneas departs knows has duty to found a city. Dido is heartbroken commits suicide  Book 5: Aeneas reaches Sicily. Funeral games for Anchises.  Book 6: Aeneas encounter with the prophet Sibyl at Cumae. He meets Anchises in the Underworld to learn of his future.  Book 7: Aeneas lands in Latium, Italy. Latinus promises Lavinia, sparks war cuz Lavinia is already betrothed. Juno and Allecto stir up war. Catalogue of Italian heroes. 8-12 Hear abt what happens in war. At the end of play war still going on but he does kill his rival the guy who was suppose to marry the woman betrothed to him • Book 8: Aeneas secures the help of Evander and the Etruscans. Story of Hercules and Cacus. Armor from Vulcan. • Book 9: Turnus attacks the Trojan camp. Nisus and Euryalus. The camp is hard pressed. • Book 10: Council of gods. Tuscan catalogue. Turnus kills Pallas. Juno saves Turnus from raging Aeneas. Aeneas kills Mezentius. • Book 11: Burial of Pallas. Diomedes' refusal. Council: Drances abuses Turnus. The Trojans attack. Death of Camilla. • Book 12: Single combat arranged, but treachery provokes a general engagement. Trojans attack the city. In single combat, Aeneas kills Turnus. June 17, 2013 Virgil and Homer *Have to read Aeneid in political context. Virgil is a slavish imitator of Homer, though Homer was greatest poet of all time his Aeneid is homage to Homer showing his respect for him. Arma refers to Iliad poem abt huge war violence chaos destruction, Direct-Aeneas like Odysseus is just trying to get home What Virgil is going to write is going to be using Homer stuff to tell story Servius – politics + Homer in relation to Virgil very imp. The Fall of Troy (The Penates) He’s remembering what happened to the city, idea of Trojan horse, Laocoon eaten by snakes, Priam sacrificed at altar all comes from Virgil’s Iliad. Aeneas wants to stay fight and die protecting his city, Hectors ghost appears to him and tells him, its his duty to take as many survivors as he can, abandon Troy, given a pass, doesn’t have to do normal thing to search for as much glory as he can, Hector gives him permission to do something diff. New city is going to be like new Troy, takes Penates with him Latin word that means something like household god/ancestral god, he takes religious symbol of house of Troy with him to be part of the new city he will found. Also takes his family. Aeneas, Creusa, Iulus (=Ascanius), Anchises Roman Pietas (duty) Aeneas takes his old father Anchises on his back, his young child (Iulus also called Ascanius) Caesar claimed he was a direct descendant of Aeneas Augustus also traced ancestor to important mythical figures. Aeneas wife Creusa gets lost in crowd cant find her only finds her ghost, which tells him down worry abt me go off and do what you have to do. Going to do Odysseus like thing, is going to go off and have adventures they are diff they have diff objectives Odysseus is trying to go back to same stable situation, Aeneas is leaving Troy behind entirely has nothing to go back to, going forward to new wife he doesn’t know yet. Aeneas in Thrace, Delos, Crete Receive bad omens ghost of Polydorus (son of Priam and Hecuba) that this is not the place for them and that they need to move on. Ghost of Polydorus appears to them and tells Trojans to go somewhere else not Thrace. Next Delos sacred to Apollo were he was born, because of this they get a prophecy they are told to seek place where first Trojan was born (his names not imp) they think it’s the island of Crete, they attempt to build new city, they are attacked by plague doing the wrong thing not following prophecy, not place were ancestry was born. Aeneas finds out in a dream that the place ancestor was born was in Italy. Fail to set up city in Thrace and Crete. Harpies of Strophades Go to Island of Strophades for supplies. One of Harpies makes prophecy that is dark; Trojans will become so hungry that they will be forced to eat their own tables. They leave behind the Harpies and sail on. June 17, 2013 Helenus and Andromache Next come to island were they find Andromache who was Hectors wife; she married Trojan Helenus who is a prophet. Aeneas is told he will know when he has reached the exact right spot in Italy, a white pig with litter of 30 piglets. Tells them general info that they wont eat their tables tells them which coast of Italy to land on to be safe and how to avoid Scylla and Charybdis so wont have same problem as Odysseus. Tells them they must constantly make sacrifices to Juno/Hera who has many reasons to hate the Trojans, Paris was a Trojan, told Aphrodite that she was most beautiful instead of choosing Hera. Angry that Greek suffered in Trojan War. One of Juno’s/Hera’s cities is Carthage. Juno is opposed to Trojans objective. Final thing is that they must go to Sibyl to get important instructions for city. Not to anger Juno but appreciate her. Aeneas in Sicily Part I Btw Sicily and Italy lots of shipwrecks avoid Scylla and Charybdis encounter one of Odysseus friends, they are warned away from Cy
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