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Michael Carter

Polytheism vs Monotheismgreeks were polytheistic believed in more than one god hierarchal zeus on topgreek religion had minimal rulesrituals very exiblegreek gods were believed to be anthropomorphic possessed a human formmonotheistic religions had gods that were superior to humans in every wayhowever in greek religion the gods were just as awed as humanslustful arrogant etcxenophanes 6th century greek philosopher thought it was ridiculous that humans thought of gods as humanlike aws and all made an argument for one divine superior god who was not humanto the greeks although the gods were perceived to be humanlike the gods were still on a different playing eld from humans gods were immortal and thus didnt have to follow many rules humans couldnt act the same way as the gods did without repercussionsgods were not looked up to as role models by the greeks their behaviour wasnt always moralGods12 OlympiansZeus lightning kingHera marriage jealousPoseidon trident seaDemeter harvest fertility Persephones motherHestia heath householdAphrodite love sexApollo sun wisdom oracle medicineArtemis Apollos sister moon hunting virgin goddessAthena wisdom olive tree war Zeus daughter owl craftwork weavingsewingHephaestus smithing metalwork son of Hera married to AphroditeAres violent warHermes messenger thieves trickster commerce transitionsHades underworld deadDionysus wine celebration ecstasy theatre madnessPersephone wife of Hades daughter of Demeter changing of seasonsAsclepius physicians healing symbol staff w snakes winding around itthe Greek gods were constantly in competition w each otherwere very
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