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Lecture 3

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Michael Carter

Lecture #3 Creating of man- creatin of women  The plan for today:  The creation of men  Aetiology of sacrifice  Ages of men  The great flood  The creating of women  Aetiology of the womens place in Greek society  The Article review  Ovid tells us how people kinda get created  He says premethous creating humans with mud  Prometnhus means foresight  Hes a titan  He fights on the side os zeus  So zeus good side  Promenthus has a good sofe spot for human beings  As part of story hoe zeus comes the king od gods o The first scarfice- mecone o Premetnus is acting on behal od humans o He decides o playa trick on zeus o He dives up the aminamls and takes all the good parts of the animal and he seals it inside the declicate parts like the internal organs and wraps it inside fat o Promentus gives zeus that option of like abacon and something else o He chosees bacon o Zeus knows tha the was doing o But wanted to punish humans o So zeus takes away fire because that’s what civalizations exist o They need fire o Prementhis casue he loves humans so much he steals fire for humans down to earth o Prementhus brings fre back to humans and now zeus is so mad o And again zue punish them again o Mortals he gives the punishments of women o And not there are women o Ans this is a punishment o That’s horrible o Prementhis gets a ounishment too o So zeus decides to take prementhus out of the picture o Hes taken to a montuain and chained to a bear rock face o And therea s bird somes everyday o And it pecks out his liver o And finally he gets released o But for now he is taken out of the picture o Life is about hard work- that’s why he takes away fore and thas why he gives women as punishments  Pick an adjective o Gold- o Silver- o Bronze- o Iron-  The golden age- o Ovid cares about technology and progress o And he thinks tha progess is that things gets worse for humans  The silver age: o Scarlege implyity- doen worship they gods properly o They certain have fewer things givne to them o Have to work for things o Things don’t come as easily o People are imcompment o Not up to much o Ovid- says that is more difficult to live it o Four season  The bronze age o Harsh o Savage o War like o Violent o Nasty time to live o According to ovisis and ovid o They become nomadic o Only live ny living o No arguitfure o No time for it o Thars how bronze age comes to an end o Kills each other  Iron age o Impurity o Deceitful o Basically the worst age o Everything is hard o And people who live in the iron age people are awful o No hospitality  The Heros (second last) o Hesis does this bc he wants to tell tragic stories about it o Thie is a separate race  Howa dows ovid gives the puniments of mortal?  Zeus goes in discusise and he kinda shows that hes a god  Lysoaon dosent belive him  So he testes him to see  So he gets a stranger and he kills the strager and cooks him real nice and if this is zeus he would know that hes tr
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