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CLA204H1 - November 8

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Lee Sawchuk

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CLA204: Introduction to Classical Mythology ***Image: Theseus about to leave and abandon Ariadne while she is asleep - Theseus holding onto a boat (showing that he is about to leave) - other than that, not much to identify him - depicted as a young man, as he generally is - Athena there as well because she sides with heroes - one version of the story says that Athena told Theseus to leave Ariadne since Dionysos was in love with her - can tell it is Athena from the spear and Gorgon head - winged figure is sleep (Hypnos) - shows that Ariadne is asleep ***Image: archaic black-figure painting of Theseus killing the minotaur - nothing distinguishing aside from the myth - surrounding figures are the other young men and women sent to Crete to be sacrificed to the minotaur ***Image: Mosaic in Pompeii - shows Theseus killing the minotaur - something on his arm - surrounded by a pattern that resembles the maze - finds Minotaur in the central room of the maze and must find his way out again Theseus and the Minotaur - death of Aegeus - carelessness of Theseus - when Theseus was leaving, Aegeus told him to change the sails depending on the outcome of his actions - if he won, the sail was supposed to be white (rather than black) - Theseus forgot to change the sail, so it is black - Aegeus is sad that Theseus has supposedly died, so he jumps into the sea and dies - in some versions Theseus is so distraught that he had to leave Ariadne that he doesn't change the sails to white - aetiology for Aegean sea - Theseus now king - political changes in Athens - doesn't just rule as a regular king; many other assignments Amazonomachy • Goes to land of the Amazons - in some versions he wants to find a bride (Antiope)--wants to abduct her – Apollodorus has a different version: accompanied Heracles – Friendly reception - Heracles sleeps with Hippolyta and there is the misunderstanding – Theseus abducts Antiope/Hippolyta • in some versions, Antiope is a reward (for helping Heracles) - Theseus goes home and takes Antiope with him as a wife • Amazons invade Attica - near the Acropolis - sacrifice to Ares on a hill where they set up – Aeropagus = “Hill of Ares” - Athenians win - Amazons represents a scary group of people--inversion of what it means to be a proper woman--not girls but also not married women - fight and act like men - live on the remote edges of the known world - depicted at the Parthenon - Athenians really were in wars (against Persians) and because of that success their influence and power skyrocketed - build a Parthenon (temple to Athena) and decorate it with scenes of mythological Athenians fighting off foreign invaders • Theseus + Antiope -> Hippolytos – Euripides Hippolytos - story told in many cultures - Potopher's wife - Phaedra falls in love with stepson, he says no, she accuses him of rape, Phaedra kills herself, Theseus blames Phaedra and kills Hippolytos, later the truth comes out – Theseus marries Phaedra after he either divorces Antiope or she dies ***Image: an Amazonomachy (not necessarily the Theseus one) - a woman about to be killed on the ground - another woman on horseback being attacked (most likely Amazons, traditionally shown on horseback( - something similar to this image was on the Parthenon - this one is more intact that that on the Parthenon ***Image: Theseus fighting an Amazon on horseback with another warrior in front - Amazon on horseback with a spear - wearing some sort of near-Eastern clothing--not Greek - Theseus on the right, wearing weird sandals and traveller's cap/cloak (always on adventures) - shown without a beard because he is a youth - depicting the Amazonomachy; Athenians and Theseus defending the culture Theseus and Pirithoüs - friend wants to test to see if Theseus is as great as everyone says - tries to steal some of his flocks - Theseus catches him - they respect each other and become best friends - Pirithous is about to get married, they go to Thessaly - centaurs invited to the wedding because they are distant cousins of the Lapiths (people of Thessaly) • Centauromachy - centaurs try to rape the women at the wedding – Battle of Lapiths and Theseus against Centaurs - defending Greek culture against a negative force - this event is also honoured on the Parthenon • New wives (because the wife of Pirithous dies, and Phaedra is gone) - they go out together to look for wives – Abduct Helen (same person from Trojan war) from Sparta • Aethra (Theseus's mother) looks after her until she is of age - they then go off to find a new wife for Pirithous • Dioscurii (Helen's brothers) get her back and besiege the city - also take Aethra to be a slave of Helen – Pirithoüs fancies Persephone • Journey to Underworld (katabasis) to ask Hades if they can have Persephone • Hades welcomes them in, tells them to sit, and traps them - trapped on thrones in the underworld • Heracles rescues Theseus - while down there he sees Theseus and Pirithous - Her
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