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Lee Sawchuk

CLA204 Lecture 4 Monday, September 16, 2013 Cosmogony & Theogony: Cosmogony-genealogy of natural world forces, why the organisation of the world is the way it is Theogony-birth of the Gods, genealogy of the godfs -explain why Zeus is in power -explains why the world is set up the way it is -for Hesiod Theogony is both of these stories combined because they are one and the same, they go together Hesiod: -epic poet -7 c BCE -writes ‘wisdom literature’, teaches you things (didactic) -during the beginnings of literature, not sure if he wrote down or orally compsed his works - Catalogue of Women, Shield of Heracles probably not by Hesiod -considered first author of the world -not sure if Works and Days really describes him or is just a persona Theogony: -Hesiod’s version of events Sumerian Traditions: -appeared around 4000 BCE, around Tigris River -don’t know where they came from, first to establish large , permanent settlements -far more advanced than Greek world -had many Gods and each city had own God -Anitu-translates to something like kingship, the Sumerian kings god their right to rule from god -An (the sky god) loses his power and the enxt succession of gods rises -Inanna, Enlil (similarity to Zeus) Babylonian Traditions: -Enuma Elish, every new year they would recite this poem at their new year festival (ca.1100 BCE) -details series of successions -Apsu (sweet water) + Tiamat (bitter water), the first generation of Gods -produce Lahnu + Lahana -Apsu wants to destroy other generations of Gods, war is fought -Apsu succeeded by Ea -Ea and his wife produce Marduk (storm god) -Tiamat now wants to get rid of newer generations so she raises an army by giving birth to a variety of different monsters -Ea and Anu try to beat her army, they fail and must ask Marduk for help -he agrees to fight but wants to be supreme god in return for his help -Marduk defeats Tiamat, an
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