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CLA204 Lecture 5 Wednesday, September 18, 2013 -the Titans have a very large lineage, often reproduce in collective groups -Gaea and Pontus produce many monsters together including the Gorgons - Titans are personifications of various natural forces in the world, not so with the monsters that the Titans produce Succession of Cronos: -Ouranos confines his children within Gaea, stopping them from being born and growing -Gaea is upset, uncomfortable with all the children in her so she wants to get revenge -sky and earth have not been separated yet -Gaea gets her son Cronos to castrate Ouranos, this is the separation of sky and earth, gets the universe into the arrangement it should be in -Gaea convinces Cronos to do this and she fashions the sickle that is used to castrate Ouranos; mother is helping her children succeed their father -Gaea becomes pregnant from the blood: Furies (Erinyes) are born who hunt those who shed kindred blood, Giants (warrior group of divinities) -after separation Ouranos still exists but he is no longer a force to be worried about, only gives advice Birth of Aphrodite: -genitals fall into water and floats around mixing with foam (Aphros), born from this mixture -Goddess of sexual desire -born from male alone, has no mother; born from the same violence as the Furies and Giants -idea of irresistible sexual desire -born from violence, deceit -natural and artificial birth at the same time (pulled from the foam yet has no mother) Succession of Zeus: -Cronos and his sister/wife Rhea had 6 children
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