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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Lee Sawchuk

CLA204 Lecture 9 First test- short answer and image identification Hera, Poseidon and Athena -Zeus has awkward and complicated relationship with Fates -does he have power over Fate -Hesiod gives 2 different versions of where Fates comes from -Children of Nyx (born before Zeus) -born from Zeus and Themis (line 906) -could be different concept of Fates that come around in time of Zeus -good example of Zeus’ relationship with Fates can be seen in Iliad -Hera tells Zeus that he can do as he wants and save his son but it would be going against what has already been fated (do not want to upset order of the cosmos) -would upset the other Gods who have children with mortals -the Pandora myth, Zeus is shown as the one who make decisions on Fate How to recongnize Zeus: -pictured in mature adulthood (with a beard) -no physical characteristics that identify, always what he’s doing or holding -eagle -holding thunderbolt -holding sceptor -portrayed as being athletic (goes for all the Gods) -picture of Zeus abducting Europa (?) in bull form (myth from reading) -picture of Zeus abducting Europa (?) in bull form (myth from reading) Hera (Juno) -origin of name unknown -some have connected her name to that of Hora (seasons) -never depicted as a good mom, not a mother goddess -Goddess of marriage and women’s fertility -refered to as cow/ox-eyed, also white-armed (beautiful) -Homeric Hymn 12 -Funeral inscription 1 (gives more religious side to what Hera represents) -represents the transition for women into motherhood/wife -very jealous wife, great anger towards Zeus for his many affairs and illegitimate children -not many myths about her, mostly just involved on the side (as in myth of Zeus) -Zeus’ wife; supposed to re-inforce idea of marriage -also reinforces idea of patriarchy -Zeus always gets what he wants -she is always subservient to Zeus -always a ‘good wife’ -represents woman’s place in hierarchy of household -Zeus is seen as the one who nurtues his children, always makes sure his children are well off -unlike the previous generations of male gods -Hera is always seen attacking children when Zeus has illegitimate children -Zeus and Hera’s children -Ares (god of war), Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth), Hebe -Hera also has child by herself (in retaliation for Athena’s birth) -Hephaestos (slightly malformed) -in some myths it’s a virgin birth -others she has this child with Zeus -Zeus=God of supplication -Thetis begs for Zeus and supplicates him so he cannot refuse nor go b
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