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chapter 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Claesson Welsh

Sep 20, 2010 Chapter Three: Creation Myths - Greeks view earth as flat o The world according to Hecataeus 500BC; river (ocean) flows around disc of land o Sky is a dome over land, touches the edges of the world; basically a roof; said that it was made of bronze or iron gods lived on top of the roof; the divine realm is reachable, not of a parallel universe o sun god travelled across dome, but never back across so greeks thought there would be something below - possibly underground > the underworld which is far below the land o underworld realm also reachable and not part of a parallel universe - Hesiod on origins of the Kosmos (universe, world order) o Theogony116-125 o first Chaos, then Gaia, then Tartarus, then Eros; from Chaos > Erebus and Night; from Night + Erebus > Aether and Day - four primal realities o come into being separately and together, not born of each other o Chaos: a yawning void Not empty space, but also no form Substantial enough to be affected by heat of Zeus thunderbolt (according to Hesiod) Feminine divine power, not anthropomorphic Source of dark, negative things o Gaia: earth Nothing to suggest Hesiod thought G
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