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Claesson Welsh

Sep 24, 2010 Chapter Four ctd, Chapter Five The Flood - Antonio Tempesta The Flood (1606) - Zeus travels convinced him that he must destroy mankind; one house had fallen but not one house only deserved to perish Metamorphoses1.240 - New race of mortals promised; improvement over current gen - Destruction of Lycaons home shows Zeus that his lightning bolt is not option; danger of mass destruction too great > if the houses burn, the realm of the gods could be burned too - Flood as option to wipe out everyone - In flood, Deucalion and Pyrrha (pious couple) come aground on mountaintop and worships the nymph and Themis o Zeus seesthat the pious couple survive, stops storm and flood; land re-emerges o Seeing devastation, couple pray to Themis and seek help Themis the god of families, relationships, harmony o Oracle: Go away from my temple, cover your heads and unloose the fastenings of your garments, and toss the bones of the great mother behind your back. - Deucalion decides that oracles are truly holy and never urge evil; interprets great mother as earth, bones as rocks - Following the oracles words, they throw stones behind them which turn into mortal forms; animals and other living things grow from heat, moisture and earth - Domenico Beccafumi Deucalion and Pyrrha (before 1518) The Twelve Ol
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