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chapter 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Claesson Welsh

Oct 6, 2010 Chapter 10: Artemis - Artemis with a Stag Roman copy (12 C AD) of Greek original (4 C BC); perhaps found at Lake Nemi, Italy o Wearing loose garments, which is suitable for hunting o Quiver of arrows over her shoulder - Virgin huntress; wandered w company of nymphs who were pure and chaste - Artemis in Homeric Hymns o Key characteristics: Chaste virgin; exempt from influence from Aphrodites abilities Huntress: golden arrows, rejoicing in the chase Similar to old goddess: Potnia Theron: Mistress of Wild Animals Lover of wilderness; practically nothing to do with city Destructive; animals fear her, landscape fears her Graceful, nimble in her movements; dancing across the wilderness Sister of Apollo, shares attributes of dancing and music o Note especially: mainland hymn (Delphi) vs Asia Minor (Meles, Smyrna, Claros) First one presents her as mainly Greek goddess; only mentions Delphi as specific location Second names several places where she is worshipped - Greek ideas of Artemis was very widespread - Birth of Artemis and Apollo: o Titans: Coeus + Phoebe = Leto; Leto + Zeus = Artemis, Apollo - Artemis: goddess of childbirth o Popular idea is that she was born first and assists in birth of her bro o Some of her cult-titles: Lochei
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