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CLA SEPTEMBER 26 2011 ZEUS AND HERAMakes sure to have updated syllabus and test next Friday anything in book and in lecture qualifies for test inclass test very shortFinished with first major section of the course next week the main Olympian gods and the most famous stories 100s and 1000s of gods and every story countless most famous and widely found ones The major spheres of each god name and associated with not so narrow Talk about how the gods are represented in ancient artThe originals children of Cronus and rhea classical 12 not until later and not always the same Hesiod lists six and those added the total is 7 on is extra classical Hestia is the extraAnd Dionysius the other is that Hades in classical not counted among twelve lives in the underworldAll are siblings children of zeus and Aphrodite born from foam a semen of Uranus another myth she is daughter of zeus multiple version of same story and both well representedAres was son of zeus and hera hepasteus as well another born from hera a
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