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CLA204 SEPTEMBER 28 2011 POSEIDON HADES AND DEATH Last time zeus and hera zeus king heavens and sky and king of all the gods ultimate authority Today the seas and the underworld On names that will come up againPoseidon or Neptune king of the sea all other divinities living in the sea important in heroic myths such as odyssey important hero traveling in sea and also earthquakes title is earth shaker also associated with horsesOriginal Olympians iconography riding the waves in a chariot and the trident mosaic drawn by horses or other creatureMyths about Poseidon few like zeus chase girls those stories arent as stories as zeus and either is his offspring vision of the cosmos afre zeus freed siblings 3 bros make dominated society power goes to males did it by casting lots earth divided by them common ground zeus ultimate overload final authorityAnother story is related to foundation of Athens Athena she is important deity worshiped in city story contest of her and poseiden of city and of
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