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CLA204 SEPTEMBER 30 2011 APOLLO TEST Held in class next Friday 50 minutesImage identification 23 identify characters refer to iconography Olympian 34 5 pieces of information about each 1 myth 1 title 1 attribute and 2 others like another myth or title or something else entirelyShort answer question 4 point formEverything to next Wednesday on the test Apollo very important god for the Greeks spheres of influence are quite diverse protection from evil take various forms such as disease he can inflict and heal for antidote and disease In Delphi oracle is Apollo even though through priestess and he could make others into prophets Associated with music playing with lyre accompanying the muses entertaining during banquet Apollo to associated with sun a equated with helios sister artemis is associated with moon even with separate deity with moon Young man beardless primal youth protector of youth hold bow and arrow or lyre or both holding or wearing crown made of
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