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CLA204 OCTOBER 5 2011 Abduction of persephone kore mean girl parthenos is a virgin Hymn abducted by hades as she is picking flowers maiden picking flowers symbolically suggests sexual curiosity or experimentation maiden like a flower so picking flowers is curiosity of sexuality abducted into the underworldRelationship between marriage and death to hades is death related to young women marriage was important change in life of a women major transition often understood as death and rebirth marriage death of virgin birth of the women or death is the marriageImages hades bird and beside is perephone another pic when Demeter avoiding company of gods she not only hides from them pretends to be human also raises a human baby a human infant and make a immortal out of him continue threat of succession still suggestion that power is not unquestioned almost make him immortal Different story him or brother is least important taught art of agriculture and teaches itPic Persephone and Demeter on both side and kidReading this myth one side by side of the cult in eleusians hymn etiological of myth mystery travel to Athens bringing gifts and go to eleusian wandering of Demeter when looking for daughter the mysteries is fasting long time to become in cult and sex like Demeter who doesnt eat or drink they drink kykeon what Demeter asks for when she refuses foodRitual ceremonial mocking tries to cheer up Demeter her name popular poety light hearted and mockingOther meaning etiological or agriculture etiological zues sky Demeter earth and Persephone is seed which is planted and as a plant part of the year close relationship between marriage and death trans of women to women hood death of the virgin rebirth as a womenPersephone instance of a dying god or goddess god dies represents death needed for rebirth such as in plant life Greeks death of animal necessary for life on earth o continue ex dionysios and Osiris and AdonisDionysus considered a wine god other associations vegetation like Adonis presence can be seen in quick growth of ivy celebrated at festivity pleasure and luxury and male fertility later patron of the theatre associated with more rational side of natureImage thyrsus item used held by him or female followers stick wrapped in ivv topped with pinecone drinking cups grapes wine associations called maenads or bacchae male are satyrs part donkey or horses Image ivy crown another with ivy and a satyr
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