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CLA204 OCTOBER 17 2011 Value of heroic mythAssociated with specific place and gives great pride with their polis where born or livedEven in little towns which no other greek town heard of aristocracy of Greece particular heroes not only polis but aris family for Greeks did live once upon a time were historical figure maybe some did live maybe more attached and elaborated to make more better Hero in modern sense modern term example fire fighters they are heroes mlk hr mean that person had achieve things greater than an average someone we may look up to Hero in greek more specific more of a technical term after homer someone who has been dead from the heroic ageHero go to different place when they died heroes were actually worshiped like gods rights performed for heroes like for gods not as in modern sense one right was pouring out wine at symposium pour out wine at the beginning or on his grave localized tp specific place such as an earth moundGreat number of heroes in ancient world we will be talking must famous Sofamous also localized were known all around Greece not like minor local heroes who were known to local polisFamous is Heracles often used as model for comparission somewhat unusual more pan Hellenic no to
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