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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Hoeschele

LECTURE 1 Introduction Classical Mythology Greco Roman Antiquity thy 4 Century BCexpansion of Greek empire y The Hellenistic Age y Roman empire came in took over the Greek empire y Influence of Latin y The Emperial Ageo Starts with Augustus What is Mythology y Myth comes from the Greek y Mythos word speech conversation tale story narrativecan be true or false y Logos word speech meaning argument reason rationalityassociated with truth logic What is a Myth y A traditional tale with secondary partial reference to something of collective importance y Something that has been orally transmitted through decades y Concerned Gods heroes natural phenomena y No specific authorshas been passed down y Myths all have a function not just for fun o Myths are not written to be applied to be applied to a particular context but they are made and THEN they are applied o Unlike a FABLE which is made to apply to various contexts y Myths concern general phenomena something that all people want to know origin of the cosmos etc y 2 kinds of memory living and cultural o Living expands back to just a few generationsIe In 20 years people from WW1 would be dead and the kids there would hear about the War from living people o Cultural cannot be tied to individualy Greek myths in general are told about family Gods mortals origin of the cosmos heroes animalsall to explain the world y Undefinable by human chronology y There are many many many versions of stories y Versions today may not be the true version since stories changed as time went by y Myths can be changed depending on the author and stuff like if Im writing another edition of a myth and I like Apollo I might praise Apollo more in my story y Sexuality are very embraced in mythologyyTheogony o TheosGodsGonyOriginthe birth of the Gods
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