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Regina Hoeschele

CLA204Introduction to Classical Mythology LECTURE 2 REVIEW y 4 primordial beings o Chaos yawning emptiness engenders ErebosNight from which come AitherHemerabeginning of time o Gaia terra firma first defined space unshakable foundation gives birth to further beings see below o Tartarus below earth cf also Tartarus passage 729819 and the description of the threshold where Day and Night meet o Eros productive power will later become subordinate to Aphrodite y The children of Gaia o Gaia without consortUranusMountaint nymphsPontus o GaiaUranus12 Titans3 Cyclops3 Hecatonchires o GaiaTartarusTyphoeus cf vv 820ff y Mnemosyne one of the titans is mother of the Muses from Mnemosyne and ZeusThe Succession MythZeus and Prometheus Female and the male y Female provides change y Gaia is always in favour of change the younger overthrowing the older y Youngest son overthrows fathers twice Kronos until Zeus hes smarter than that y ErisGaia not wanting Uranus passion and drive Zeus y When Zeus impregnates Metis he doesnt want to be overthrown so he swallows the baby The Furies Erinyes y They are born out of the blood of Uranuss castration y The other two creatures that come from the blood is the Giants and Ash Nymphs o There is a version of writing that says that humankind came from the GiantsAsh Nymphs Styx y The one who will contribute to Zeus triumphs y Has powerful children Victory Power Force y One of the first to join Zeus in his battle Hecate y Goddess of boundaries y Accociated with the Night the Moon she y If she had a legitimate offspring he could overpower Zeus y Supports Zeus regime
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