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3. Myths of Human Creation

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A Keith

Myths of Human Creation y Zeus vs all gods vs Prometheus y Prometheusforelearner son of Iapetus y Epimetheusafterlearner or dummy y Very little discussed about the origin of the humans y Differing opinions among scholars y Hesiod discusses matters concerning humans o The five races y Humans and their link to Prometheus o Fashioned humans out of earth and water o Gaia still had some seed left in her so all Prometheus needed to do was add water o He made man in the image of the gods and not animals o Man may have been created by Zeus Ovid o Prometheus stole the fire Zeus had taken and gave it back to mankind o Zeus and Prometheus have a rivalry o Prometheus is very clever o Zeus first became suspicious at Mecone Prometheus had to hand out food but Prometheus decided to play a trick on Zeus by giving him a flavourful piece of food with a bone embedded in itthis made Zeus angry o As revenge Zeus takes away fire so mortals couldnt cook their meat o Fire literally grew on trees o Prometheus disguises fire in a fennel stalk and takes it back to the humans for which Zeus has Prometheus chained to Mount Caucasus and sends Pandora to mankind y Works and Days o A didactic epican epic that teaches o Written by Hesiod to teach about agriculture and the vale of agricultural workused agriculture as a metaphor to teach a lesson and as a way to show what you knew about agriculture o Addressed to his brother Perses who doesnt see the value of manual work o The central message is that Zeus is just and he gives good things to those who are just and bad things to those who arent line 225247 in Work and Days o The good thing to do is to work the land and to gain their livelihood that way and not through lawsuits against other people o Justice and piety is equated with duty and agriculture o Addresses the correct way to gain bios life or livelihood y Pandora o gifted by all the gods or gift from all of the gods o speaks to the evolution of the human race o Pandora is the first woman o She is the punishment given to men for the theft of fire
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