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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Hoeschele

CLA204 Lecture 1 Myths of Ancient Greece and Rome Ask about readings various myths not essays questions of varying sourcesidentify gods or illustration and which myth it is no long essays Read all of Illiad Hesiod metamorphosisClassical grekoroman antiquitygrekoroman literature many things are from the Greekroman in art you can see where its from they do new versions of things etc etcancient Greece wasnt politically always the same thAthens in 5 century BC Is a cultural centre for Greek tragedy and comediesthadvent on alexander the great 4 century bcbig expansion of the empirealexander the great conquered Europe Persia etc spread Greek cultureafter alexanders death it is the Hellenistic age this age is more playful and more aroditeromans enter at the political stage and start to conquer and include Greek as a province into their own empire politically took place of what Greek used to be beforeinfluence of Latin and Latin literature is very important this is known as the imperial age the age at which roman emperors Augustus SomethingththTimes around the 8 century bc is the archaic time til the 5 century bcHellenistic What is MythologyMyth comes from the greek and the word is called Mythos can mean word speech conversation tale story narrativecan be true or false can be anything some kind of story some tale told and transmittedcontrast to logosLogos means wordspeech meaning argument reason rationality associated with truth logic signs of truth people see mythos and logos as 2 differnet things mythos is a tale word of utteranceWhat is a mythmyth is a traditional tale with secondary partial reference to something of collective importance very important that it is a TRADITIONAL talesomething passed along through generations that is orally transmittedif I tell you a story that happened to me yesterday that is not a myth they concern gods and heroes and natural phenomenapassed on through generations and generationsSecondary told for a reason there is a function moral
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