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Lecture 2

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Regina Hoeschele

Theogony includes impersonation of natural elemetns moonsunvarious powerstheogonyFour Primordial beings Chaos yawning emptiness engenders erebosnight from which come aitherhemerebeginning of time Gaia terra firma first defined space unshakeable foundation gives birth to further beings see below Tartarusbelow earth cf also tartarus passage 729819 and the description of the threshold where day and night meet Erosproductive power will later become subordinate to aprodite Children of GaiaGaia without consortUranusouranusmountains nymphsPontus seagaiaUranus12 titans Cyclopesround eyes3 hecatonchires giants with 100 handsGaiatartarusTyphoeus cf vv 820ffMale Titans OkeanosKoiosHyperionKronosKreios JapetosFemale Titans Thetys Phoib Theia The Castration of Uranuskronos castrates Uranusgaia needs to ward off the sexual overdrive of Uranus plans an ambush and kronos is willing to do thishave male and female as opposing powers gaia will always be on the side of birth and the younger against the older in the future she helps zeus against kronos female wants change and male wants nothing to changehistory of gods as a whole is to block female procreative drive and keep things constant when zeus gets in power he consumes netis to prevent a child to overthrow himUranus embraces gaia very closely sky and earth need to move away from each other for the cosmos to functionUranus eros brings about gaias eris discourse The birth of Aphrodite from the cut off genitals of ouranusaphrodite brings joy and under her she brings erosbirth of the furies giants and the ash tree nymphs
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