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4. The Olympians

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A Keith

The Olympians y Zeus o Roman name Jupiter o Only name that is entirely clear in its etymological derivation o Zeus is the sky father in all translations o He is the well lit sky o For both the Greeks and the Romans he is the highest god o He is really a god of stormy weatherreally a god of weatherthis connects him to the weather gods of Asia Minor and to Ouranos o Zeus is the cloudgatherer the darkclouded he thunders on high the hurler of thunderbolts o Associated in particular with mountain tops o All the gods lived on Olympus because Zeus lived there o A direct appearance of Zeus is lightening o Wherever lightening struck a sanctuary was set up o Zeus struck Semele in the form of a thunderbolt when she was pregnant with his son Dionysus o Zeus alone commands his weaponthe thunderbolt o No enemy of Zeus is victorious before Zeus o He is the strongest of all of the Godsnothing can seriously threaten him o At one point though Zeus had to struggle to gain and maintain his powerwith the titans and Kronos Titanomachy o Zeus also holds a spear in some depiction which also represents the thunderbolt o He is the father of gods and men o He is the kink anaxbasilaus o He is also connected with the bull and that is his sacrificial animal o He is often depicted on a throne with his sceptre in hand o His bird is the eagle o His childhood is elaborated after Hesiod o A Thetan story relates that some Kourates youths danced a war dance around the infant Zeus clashing the shields to drown out the sounds of his cries so they didnt reach Kronos o Zeus is the ultimate Kouros Youth o Zeus was wed to Metis whom he swallowed and carried in his stomach as wisdomAthena was born of this union and he was set to marry Thetis a nymph but didnt because a son who is strongest than Zeus would have been born of this union Thetis married Helios and had a sonAchilles o He was left to fight monsters and giants such as Typhus o The Giants also fought against Zeuss rule and order Gigantomachy o Zeus is also greatest in his sexual potency o He has fathered the most children and bedded the most women 115 o He also employed many metamorphoses to accomplish his goals
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