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CLA204 Lecture 1 Notes

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A Keith

CLA204 Lecture 1 NotesWhat is mythmthos ancient Greekstory plot of a narrativemytha traditional story of collective social importancecharacter plot temporal and special settingmthos storylogos accountstudy of myth mythologyset in distant past or time so long ago when humans did not existmythical placeie garden paradise world of the dead etcCirculation of Mythoral Orpheus Homer Hesiodliterary Ovid Euripidesartisticmedia sculptures paintdance versions ballet tragedy musicaloperastorytellers vs authorsOrpheus traditional mythicalthHomer Greek 8 c BCEHesiod 700 BCEthEuripides Athenian 5 c BCEchanges the emphasis of myths to speak to audienceOvid Roman 43 BCE17 CEuniverse story is very different from Hesiods stndApollodorus Greek 1 or 2 c CEndHyginus Roman 2 c CEcatasterismtransformation into a starbecome a constellation heroes etctheodicydivine justiceOvid March 43 BCEaristocratfather wanted him to become a politicianwanted to be a poetserved as judge retired at 20Metamorphosesautumn of 8 CEbanished to edge of Roman Empire due to witness ofinvolvement in scandal involving Augustusover 250 myths in Metamorphosesmost involving some form of transformationhuman transformation into godapotheosis god transformation to human disguisehuman transformation into animals plants features of the landseaskytransformation to stars constellationcatasterismstndApollodorus 1 2 c CEGreek scholarwrote the Library in attempt to systemize all Greek mythsummarizes uncritically all mythndHyginus 2 c CERoman author
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