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Lecture 2

CLA204 Lecture 2 Notes

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A Keith

CLA204 Lecture 2 NotesCosmogony and TheogonyNear Eastern antecedentsHittites Hurrians Babylonians Sumerians the master plotfathers and daughtersgenealogiesNear Eastern ParallelsHittiteAcadian textHittite textscuneiformBoghazkaleHatussasthlate 13 c BCEwhen palace was destroyedoriginally Hurrian southeast Asia Minor 1615 c BCEthannexed by Hittites 14 c BCEstory of Kingship in HeavenStory of Kingship in Heavensimilar to Hesiods TheogonyAlalu king in heavenAnu AnBabylonian sky godKumarbibites off Anus genitals swallows themby swallowing genitalsswallows three godsborn from genitalsTasmisuTigris riverTeshubweather godwants to kill Teshubswallows poison to kill himspits up Tasmisu Tigrisreference to stoneSerisacred bullfightTeshub winssong of KumarbiSong of UllikummiKumarbi vs Teshubstone child UllikummiUllikummihugegiant sizehead reaching the cloudsnothing can beat himuse of copper cutter to cut off feetsymbolic of separating heaven from earthparallel to adamantine sickle in Theogony four generations of rulers vs three in Hesiods TheogonyAlaluAnuKumarbiTeshubOuranosKronosZeusperhaps ChaosAlalu in a senseAnuOuranos therefore one extra generation before in Sumerian mythSimilaritiesDifferencesAlalunon entityperhaps like Chaos debatableAnu Akkadian form of Sumerian An skysimilar to Ouranos heavenKumarbiparallel to KronosTeshublike Zeusvictorious
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