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Lecture 3

CLA204 Lecture 3 Notes

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A Keith

CLA204 Lecture 3 NotesMyths of Human CreationZeus vs all gods vs PrometheusPrometheusforelearner son of IapetusEpimetheusafterlearner dummyPrometheusfashioned people out of earth and waterGaia still had some seed left in her some of Ouranos sperm still leftPrometheus added waterman humansupright two legscan see the sky are not facing the ground like animalsOvidperhaps Zeus created mortal men perhaps Prometheus did unclearOvidof the opinion that humans are better because of difference from animalsAeschylus Prometheus Boundfavours by Prometheusreason for his demiseironytill I fired their witsplay on wordsPrometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it back to mortal mancooking with fireeating raw meat uncivilizedZeus and PrometheusRivalryZeus is wary of PrometheusPrometheus is as intelligent as Zeus is because of Metisseveral incidentsreasons for wariness of Prometheus which eventually result in his demiseMecone incidentZeus takes fire from mortalsat feastjob of Prometheus to hand out foodin attempt to trick Zeus hides bone inside a large piece of meat with lots of fatZeus naturally chooses large pieceexplains the origin of sacrificebonefat of animals sacrificed to godsto appease the angered gods to symbolize the trickery of PrometheusZeus is angered wants retributiontakes mortal ability to eat meat through firecookingused to have trees on fire readily availablesymbolicreversion to earlier time of civilizationPrometheus steals back fire Zeus punishesfennel stalkused for storing fire smouldering torchesPrometheus hides fire and take it back to mortalsZeus punishes Prometheus Caucasus and humankind Pandorachained to Mt Caucasusliver eaten by Zeus eaglegrows back every night and every morning cycle begins anewvengeance on mortals directlywoman Works and DaysPandora storyHesiods Works and Daysdidactic epicteachesaddressed to brother Persesteaches about agricultureagricultural worksubject of poemthe correct way to gain bios line 31Zeuss injustice for righteousness vs unjust men
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