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University of Toronto St. George
Claesson Welsh

Chapter 10Artemis The Homeric Hymn to Artemis draws the essential features of her character and appearancebeautiful chaste virgin of the hunt armed with bows and arrowsThe shorter version dwells upon the closeness of Artemis and Apollo and their cult places in Asia MinorThe river Meles flows near Smyrna where there was a temple of Artemis and Claros was the site of a temple and oracle of ApolloThe birth of Artemis and ApolloThe goddess Leto mated with Zeus and bore the twins deities Artemis and ApolloArtemis is born first and is able to help with the delivery of her brotherHer birth on MtCynthus in Delos gave her the cult title of CynthiaAccording to Ovid after the birth of Artemis and Apollo Leto was forced by the anger of Hera to wander carrying her two babiesShe came to Lycia where the people refused to let her drink the water so she turned them into frogs On other occasions Artemis is closely linked with Apollo Sudden death particularly of the young was often attributed to these two deities Artemis killing the girls and Apollo the boysNiobe and her childrenOne of the most famous exploits of Artemis and Apollo concerns Niobe and her childrenThe women of Thebes bestowed great honor upon Leto and her twin children crowning their heads with laurel and offering up incense and prayers in obedience to an injunction by the goddess herselfNiobe however was enraged by the whole proceedings and rashly boa
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