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University of Toronto St. George
Claesson Welsh

Chapter 8 AthenaThe birth of AthenaThe HH tells the story of Athenas birth According to this Zeus gave birth to her from his head and she was wearing an armor of goldHesiod tells us how Zeus had swallowed his consort Metis wisdom after he had made her pregnant with Athena he was afraid that Metis would bear him a son that would overthrow himVariations in the story of Athenas birth have Hephaestus split Zeus head open with an ax to facilitate the birthThis myth establishes the close bond between Zeus and his favorite daughter as well as the three basic characteristics of the goddess Athena her prowess her wisdom and the masculinity of her virgin natureThe sculpture of the ParthenonThe Parthenon was the great temple to Athena Parthenos virgin on the Acropolis in Athens It was built between 447 and 438 BC and embodied the triumph of Greek courage and piety over the Persians who had sacked the Acropolis and destroyed the old Parthenon The east pediment of the Parthenon immortalized the dramatic moment of the birth of Athena who stood in the center before the throne of ZeusAt the corners to set the divine event in cosmic time were the horses of Helius rising from the sea and of Selene sinking into it The west pediment was a scene of violent action celebrating the victory of Athena in her contest with Poseidon for control of Athens and AtticaThey produce gifts with which they vied Athen an olive tree and Poseidon a salt springAthena was proclaimed the victorPoseidons trident was enshrined in his temple nearby and Athe
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