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The nature of the Gods

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Claesson Welsh

Chapter 6 The nature of the GodsAnthropomorphismThe gods are generally depicted as human in form and character but very often their appearance and their actions are to some extent idealized Yet some gods can mirror the physical and spiritual weaknesses of human counterpartsThey usually live in houses on MtOlympus or in heaven There is a distinction between those deities of the upper air and the upper world olympians and those of the realm below named chthonian of the earth They eat and drink but their food is ambrosia and their wine nectarIchor a substance clearer than blood flows in their veinsThey can suffer pain and torment and are worshipped and honored in shrines and temples and sanctuaries In general the gods are more flexible than mortals They are able to move with amazing speed and dexterity appear and disappear and change their shape at willTheir powers are also far greater than those of mortalsTheir knowledge too is superhuman and are immortal Often one or more animals are associated with a particular deityhowever there is no evidence that Greeks ever worshiped animals as sacredThese characteristics do not apply to all orders of deityThe divine hierarchyThere are wondrous and terrible creations as the Gorgons or Harpies who populate the universe to the enrichment of mythology and saga who represent a different category of supernatural Of a different order are the divine spirits who anim
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