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The Trojan Saga and the Illiad

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Claesson Welsh

Chapter 19 The trojan saga and the illiadThe children of LedaLeda wife of the King of Sparta bore four children to Zeus who visited her in the shape of a swan the four were born from two eggsfrom the one sprang Polydeuces and Helen from the other Castor and ClytemnestraThe DiscouriThe legends of the Discouri sons of Zeus Castor and Polydeuces Pollux are not part of the saga of the Trojan WarCastor was renowned as a tamer of horses and Polydeuces for his skill in boxingPoly was the immortal son of Zeuswhereas Castor was the mortal son of the king of Sparta who eventually shared the immortality of his brotherThey were perhaps mortal heroes later worshipped as gods When Castor was hurt and lay dying Zeus gave him the option of living with Castor but spending alternate days on Olympus and in Hades which he chose So the Discouri shared both immortality and deathThey were particularly honored at SpartaHelenClytemnestra became the wife of Agamemnon Helen grew up to be the most beautiful of women and from the many Greek princes who were her suitors she chose Menelaus who became King of SpartaThe rejected suitors swore to respect her choice and help Menelaus in time of needHelen lived for some years at Sparta and bore a daughter Hermione to MenelausIn time the Trojan prince Paris Alexander the son of Priam and Hecuba visited SParta while Menelaus was away in CreteThere he seduced Helen and took her back to Troy with himTo recover her and vindicate the rights of Menelaus the Achaean expedition led by Agamemnon Menelaus brother was raised against TroyThe judgment of ParisThe Olympian gods were guests at the wedding feast of Peleus and ThetisDuring the feast Eris goddess of Discord who was not a guest threw onto the table an apple inscribed for the most beautifulHera Athena and Aphrodite each claimed it and Zeus decided that the argument should be settled by Paris Now Paris has been exposed as an infant because of a dream that came to his mother Hecuba before his birthShe dreamed that she had given birth to a fireband that consumed the whole of Troy and a soothsayer foretold that her baby would be the destruction of the cityThe infant was exposed on Mt Ida and suckled by a bearHe was found and brought up by a shepherdHermes led the three goddesses to him and each offered the best gift she could provide in return for his favorable decisionHera promised him royal power and Athena victory in war while Aphrodite promised him Helen as his wifeHe chose Aphrodite which turned Hera and Athena against Troy during the war Troy and its leaders DardanusElectra daughter of Atlas had two sons by Zeus Iasion and DardanusOn the death of Iasion in Samothrace Dardanus sailed to the Troad where Teucer son of the river god Scamander was kingThere Dardanus married the kings daughter and built a city called by his nameOn the death of Teucer the land was called Dardania and its inhabitants DardaniFrom Dardanus was descended the Trojan royal houseLaomedonApollo and Poseidon disguised as mortals built the walls of Troy for its king Laomedon who then cheated them of their payIn punishment Apollo sent a plague and Poseidon a sea monster to harass the TrojansThe oracles advised that the only way to get rid of the monster was to expose Laomedons daughter Hesione and let it devour herWhen Hracles came to Troy he agreed to kill
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