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CLA204Introduction to Classical Mythology LECTURE 4 ATHENA APOLLO AND ARTEMIS HERMES AND THE UNDERWORLD y Succession mythUranus Kronos Zeus y Zeus ascension to power is the central part of the Theogony and then he takes several women makes various offspringlike Athena conceived by Metis y There is a saying that the son born from Metis after a daughter will overpower Zeus so he swallows Metis to prevent this from happening y The Divine Offsprings of Zeus o Metis Athena born from Zeus head o Themis 2 HoraiSeasons Eunomia Dike Eirene 3 MoiraiFates Klotho Lachesis Atroposthe ones who takes control of your lifespan cuts the thread of life and you die o Euronyme 3 CharitesGraces Aglaia Euphrosyne Thalia o Demeter Persephone later kidnapped and raped by Hades o Mnemosyne memory9 Muses o Leto Apollo and Artemis twins o Hera official wife jealous spouse Hebe goddess of youthfulness Ares Mars lover of Aphrodite Eileithyia the goddess of giving birth comes to ppl giving birth to make it easier Hephaistos made him without Zeus ATHENA y Roman name Minerva y Pallas Athene etymology unclear maybe maiden or weaponbrandishing y Born from the head of Zeus y Goddess of war wisdom weaving craftsmanship y Virgin goddess y Symbols owl olive helmet and armor y Epithet glaukopis greyeyedowleyed y Patron deity of Athens y Protectress of heroes Perseus Herakles Odysseus Jason y Birth of Athena o How does she get out of Zeus head o Some versions say she just appeared out fullarmoured o Some versions say she had help from Hephaistos y Athena in the Iliad The goddess standing behind Peleus son Achilles caught him by the fair hair appearing to him only for no man of the others saw her Homer Iliad 1197198 o She stands between Achilles and Hector o Only Achilles claims that he saw Athena so she might be his conscience o Athena is on the side of the Greeks thats why she holds Achilles back o Patrocleus enters battle instead of Achilles wearing Achilles armour o Later readings of writings suggest that Achilles and Patrocleus were loverAchilles as the lover Patrocleus as the beloved o Armour symbolizes your strength in battle o The fact that Patrocleus cannot take Achilles spear symbolizes that he is not as great as Achilles
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