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2. Cosmogony and Theogony

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Cosmogony and Theogony Hesiods Theogony Neareastern antecedents for the Theogony Succession in the poem GeneologiesNear Eastern Parallels Primarily in Hittite and babylonian texts Hittite texts written in cuneiformText on kingship in heaven Alaluking in heaven Defeated by Anu Babylonian sky god Anu reigned for nine years and then fought with Kumarbi As he fled to the sky Kumarbi bites off his genitals and swallows them Kumarbi spits out god Tamasu and the river Tigris The weather god Teshub is still insidehe is the main god of the Hittites Kumarbi swallows a stone and then teshub comes out of his body Seri sacred bullLonger text called the Song of Ullikummi Kumarbi plots against Tesbub He lies with a stone and a giant stone child is born called Ullikammi He is seen as a threat and nothing prevails against him The ancient copper cutter which had separated earth and heaven is used to cut off Ullikammis feetIn the near eastern tales there are 4 generations of rulers rather than 3 Hesiod Alalu is a nonentity Anu is the sky god this god corresponds to the Greek Ouranos tran Heaven Kumarbi castrates his father and swallows his son like Cronos Last god is Teshub he is the god of weather corresponds to Zeusboth destroy his fatherthey are both threatened after their victory by a large monsterEnma Elish is a babylonian epiccomposed of thousands of verses but survives in fragments from all over in terms of geography and time Composed in 18951595 ApsSweet watersmale Timat bitter watersfemale These two waters mingle and produce offspringthey come into being but dont come forth LahmuLahmuAnshaarKisharAnuEaEa kills her father and takes control She has an offspring names Marduk who alarms the older gods Timut incites the older gods to fight the younger gods
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