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Creation of Humans

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A Keith

Lecture CREATION OF HUMANSHuman OriginsNo single authoritative versionSeveral stories about creationMany parallels with NearEastern traditions Common ThemesTwo frequent patterns Humans grow from earth an idea inspired from agriculture Rocks thrown by Deucalion and Pyrrha Humans moulded from earthclay by creatorgod an idea inspired by pottery Biblical account God moulds Adam from earth Divine elements seed breath Biblical account spirit of God breathed into earth Ovid divine spirit mixed with clayBlood Blood of Kingu rebel god threat to Marduk partner of Tiamat Blood of the giants sent against Zeus by Gaea Common origin of humans and gods Used to live together State of being was close to divineSeparation from the gods result of some faultsin The forbidden apple The tricks of Prometheus The Main Greek Tales of CreationPrometheus and PandoraThe Ages of ManDeucalion and PyrrhaPrometheusforelearner his brother is Epimetheus after learnerInventor and creator of many thingsIn Aeschylus play responsible for just about all human cultureCreator and defender of humans Ovid Prometheus fashioned man from earth and waterFolktale motif trickster Compare Cronus Zeus and HermesSon of Lapetus who was son of Gaea and UranusTitan but sided with Zeus in TitanomachyPrometheus tricks Zeus in the division of meat Zeuss punishment takes fire away from man gives man toil Prometheus steals divine fire in a fennel stalk and gives it to manZeuss punishments
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