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Lecture 6

CLA204 Lecture 6 Notes

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A Keith

CLA204 Lecture 6 NotesGreek Heroes IIPerseus Jasonthe Argonauts Meleager OrpheusMycenaean Bronze Age Centresmyth revolved around Mycenaean GreeceArgos Mycenae Tirynscities of the ArgolidAthensTheseus BoeotiaThebes Calydonplace in ArgolidMeleagerIolkos Latin IolcusJasonPerseusArgolidtakes over Tiryns as his kingdomCorinthJason ends up here after his questMedeaCretewest side of GreeceemphasisJason OrpheusArgolidnortheaster Peloponneseimportant in Mycenaean culture and Greek mythMycenae is associated with richesMycenaean road system across the ArgolidLions GateLions Gatecenter of palace complex that is now in ruinsholds tombssize and number of tombs surpass any other site in the Argolidcreated about 1500 years before the ParthenonTomb of Atreus beehive tomblargesttholos beehive tombs and shaft gravesbeehive tombchamber tombmany in Mycenaeshows prosperity of Mycenaeshaft gravedug into groundmany important finds have been discovered from shaft tombsCyclopes supposedly built the CitadelTiryns also very great townstrong mighty walls wellpreserved remainsarcheological finds not as important as those in Mycenae smaller as wellextensive lower town and beehive tholos tombs at Tirynsrivals Mycenae in power and prestigein Mycenaetwo different types of tombstholosbeehive tombs and shaft gravestwo groups of shaft graves Circle A and Circle Bpart of a large cemeteryburials range over150 year periodfrom 1600 to mid1500 BCE leadingroyal familiesCircle A of gravesdifference in funerary structures and burial customsaccounted for in mythical narrativetwo royal houses in MycenaePersidae sons of Perseusbeehive association AtreidaeAtreids descendants of Atreusassociated with shaft graveslatter groupPerseus Persidae royal familyPerseusmost prominent hero in earlier generationsthe slaying of the Gorgonbest instance of folktale in Greek myth already told in Mycenaean period mother of PerseusDanameans Danaan maidenimportant feature is her Danaan origin may or may not have included her father Acrisiusfather of Dana may have been added later to attribute Perseus to Argos
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