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CLA204H1 March 6th Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Hoeschele

The Fall of Troy and Its Aftermathanother cycle of myth connectedwith aftermath of trojan warbriefly summarized what happened to troy besides agamemnonilliad stops at funeral of hector and patrocluswe learn about sack of troy in odysseysubsequent works of illiad talks about the trojan warsfall of troyachilles dies killed by paris the giant pussy2 conditions before greeks can conquer city 1st condition after achilles dies get his son Neoptolemos is summonedachilles was made to dress as a girl on skyros by his mom to prevent him from joinin battleduring achilles time at skyros had affair with deidamia led to birth of Neoptolemosimportant to note that Neoptolemos entering war is 1 condition for city bein taken2nd conditionneeds bow of Philoktetesherecles gave this bow to philokteteswhy isnt philoktetes not among greek army already cause he was bitten by a snake on way to the war the snake bite had a nasty smell so they left behind on the island of lemnos he survived on the island with the bowOdysseusand Neoptolemos agoes back to convine him to hook him up with bow or go with himthey get a doctor to heal his nasty smellonce paris is dead his brother deiphobos takes his bitch HelenPhiloketes kills Paris owned him easy peezy3rd conditionodysseus steals palladionpalladion is cult image of the goddess athena and as long as this image is in city of troy it cannot be defeated thus odysseus steals ittrojan horse what do greeks do odysseus comes up with this sickass plan instead of fighting back and forthhe says lets pretend were leaving give up leave behind a wooden horse that can keep troops inside they pretend to leave the horse as offering of the GodThe trojans are stupid enough to see through this rouse triumphly tinking the greeks finally left they draw the horse into city but inside the horse the warriors come out at night opens gate all the Greeks come back secretly rips the newb trojans they got mad mindfuckedHectors son Astyanax is thrown from the city walls whyhe is a potential threat cause he might revenge for his dad he was thrown by Greeks down the wall damn thats pretty lex lvlmenelaos kills deiphobos about to murders helen too but Helen implores menelaos to let her live by exposing her tits to him he found it so pretty that he spared her and brought her backAeneas saved few times by God cause he will carry on the family destined to be leader he escapes from Troy the famous scene of him carrying his dad out of ruined city this myth is important to roman mythAeneas is seen as later founding father of their genealologyHomer didnt know that romans would one day use aeneas as symbolic figure Some famous statue lakoon and his sonsgo to rome and vatican museum youll see this shitan event told at length in iniadlaokoon is a priest hes suspicious of the trojan horse he says dont be stupid its a fucking trick broshe takes spear pierces a hole into the horse the Gods send two huge fucking snakes that graps Laokoon and his sons and kills them totally owned again damn Gods are OPwhy is this shit so famousEdle einfalt und Stille grobe noble simplicity and silent magnitutde by Johann Wicklemann says the faace of Lakoon is the pinnacle symbol of Greek shit or something imagine his face isnt a frantic screaming but more of a moan that accepts his fateThe beauty that is expressed in suffering of lakoon is the suffering combined with tranquility of the soul theres a lot of emotions but not panic not screaming out of his lungsNOBLE SIMPLICTY AND MAGNITUDE TAHT IS SILENTthis sumarizes what alot of people think of antiquity it is often described as something simple great serene noble something sublime that image of antiquity doesnt reflect the antiquity of the time that is also brutal obscene etc But for very long time this is how people wanted to view the classical literatureThe Academy 2008 by Kent Monkmanyou see the laokoon motif shit above and you see various people painting this shit you see Indian painters painting it you see europeans painting it there are also little tiny ndians running around under the feetyou really see the international replication of the symbol of classicism you imagne different people painting and interpreting the simple classical movementso this is a very selfconcious rendering of all of these thingsa meta art or some shitFate of greek heroes
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