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CLA204H1 Jan31st Notes

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Regina Hoeschele

Midterm1 hourEverything up til todayVarious questions some of them very short tell me who that figure is ie like who is this dudeNo essay questions but if you done the lectures done the readings you would be perfectly able to identify this shitQuotations are important tooNo MultipleChoice mostly short answersFucking entire IlliadWe need to know the plot need to know what God whos on whos side which is the big scene etcNeed to know fucking Roman names also advisiable to learn them right fucking awayGods use Iris more in Illiad for messenger function but thats particular to HomerSeveral GodsAthenecharacter encoutnered in theogany the telos is the Zeus eternalThe two other fuckers before were Uranus and KronosThe three step is the SUCCESSION MYTHZeus ascension is central part of theogany takes several divine bitches etcThe thing about Athena is that shes born and concieved by Metis the personfication of reasoning and thinking but according to oracle the son bron by Metis after Athena will be more powerful than Zeus so possible next step of succession thus Zeus swallows Metus and eventually gives birth himself to Athenabefore Hesiod talks about this he tells us about Athenas involvement with various other divinitiesThe Divine Offspring of zeusher posted graphEunomiagood lawdikejusticeerieneeaceCharitescharming shit the 3 grasces bestow poetry and art on people mostly represented as 3 beautiful naked females standing next to each otherDemeter who is one of the goddess generates persephone whom hades steals and rapes later on and becomes mistress of underworldmnemosyne which is memory gives birth to the 9 musesLetowiki itHera official wife the jealous spouse opposing Zeus offspring she give birth to Hebe the goddess of youthfulness and becomes wife of Hercules Ares is
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