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Lecture 8

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Regina Hoeschele

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CLA204Lecture 8 thTuesday March 6 2012TopicTROY AND ITS AFTERMATH THE NOSTOI OF AGAMEMNON ODYSSEUSThe Fall of troy and its aftermathAchilles hero of Iliad does not live to see the fall of troy o Killed by Paris with help from ApolloThe Fall of Troy There are 3 conditions for winning the war 1 Neoptolemos summoned2 Fetch Philoktetes and his bow 3 Odysseus steals the Palladion Achilles had affair with princess Deidamiao Neoptolemos aka Pyrrhus their son is summoned from Skyros one of three conditions for the sack of TroyOdysseus and Neoptolemos or Diomedes sail to Lemnos to fetch Philoktetes and his bowPhiloktetes kills Paris his brother Deiphobos marries HelenOdysseus steals the Palladion o As long as the cult image Palladion in Troy it cannot be defeatedGreeks secretly enter the city with the help of the Trojan Horse by an idea from Odysseus to see as an offering to the gods o Troy is capture many of the men are killed the women are enslaved o Hectors son Astyanax is thrown from the city walls seen as a threat o Menelaos kills Deiphobos but spare Helen when she exposes her breast in supplication o Aeneas escapes from Troy carrying his father on his shouldersAnchises Aeneas important in Roman myth he is the founder of the tribePhiloktetes is bitten by snake on island gave a smelly odour so the Greeks left him on the island of Lemnos using his bow to capture small animals to eat for 10 years o Either Neoptolemos or Diomedes convinces him to come back and they heal himConditions were learnt through a seer named HelenosLaokoon and his sonsLaokoon is a priest who is suspicious of the Trojan horse
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