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Lecture 9

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Regina Hoeschele

CLA204LecturethTuesday March 13 2012TopicFROM TROY TO ROME OVIDS METAMORPHOSESTHE ROMAN APPROPRIATION OF GREEK MYTH IMidterm Texts after the midterm until now Same format as the last short answer longer answer Quotations from text identify source and significance Final is cumulativeOvid Metamorphoses Books 15Work that the instructor absolutely adores most of his stories is what we have already encounteredReadjust our point of view to the time of Ovid all the text weve read were in ancient GreekMetamorphoses was written in Latin but politically looks rather different st 1 Century BC Rome full of civil strifeo An event that stands out the assassination of Gaius Caesar 44 BC o Was known as the sole ruler but until then Rome defined itself as a Republic o Did not call himself king but acted like one adoptive son Octavian would succeed and avenged his murders and battled against Mark Antony o Defeats Antony and Cleopatra 31 BC the end point of Hellenistic age and beginning of Imperial ageOctavian acted as he was giving himself back to the senate 27 BC given the title of Augustus AugustOvid writer of Augustan age Octavian as ruler o See reflection of the political times in Ovids readingsBorn in 43 BC17 AD wrote several works begin with love poetryelegiacmeter hexameter alternating with pentameter lamentation and love poetry Didactic work Art of Love work very reverent and also very popularMasterpieceMetamorphoses hexameter an epic written in 8 AD safti writtenExiled by emperor to Tomi by the black sea o Wrote poetic letters and laments to the fact hes not in RomeNonepic epic No stories centered around heroes but a transformation of the world natural phenomena physical transformation o Central focus of his work used as mythological compendiumDivided 3 pentads o 1 5 booksGods o Next 5heroes
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