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Lecture 8

CLA204 Lecture 8 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
A Keith

CLA204 Lecture 8 NotesThebescentralevents of Theban myth predate sack of Troyfirst city to house two generations of heroesantiquityinescapability of ones originMetamorphoses 34 Cadmeidtales of the house of Cadmusktisisfoundationthemescity vs country man vs beast exilewandering in the wild interventions of vengeful godsvengeful god to create structureHera Dionysosspectacle recognition threversalfrom originally Attic tragedies5 c AthensTheban Tragedy and Epicsbirthplace of Dionysospatron god of dramamyth of Oedipus epicsmartial themesSeven against ThebesEpigoni those born after sons of the Seven against ThebesOvidMetamorphoses 34focus mostly on Dionysos ignores more epic materialEuropaTheban storiesfounder of the line of CadmusAres and Aphroditedivine ancestorsCadmus is the Phonecian historical founderCadmus give his name to the population of ThebesCadmeiansHomerIoLeucotheastorysent by father Agenor to find sister Europacannot find herordered by Delphic oracle of Apollo to follow a cow and to found a city where it sitsThebesteeth sown into earth from dragonwarriors spring up autochthonfrom the earthSpartoisown menoracleBoeotiacow landafter killing the dragondisembodied voiceforetells how he will become snakestory is cyclicbegins and ends with snakeOviddragon killed by Cadmuskilled all his companionshe is the only survivorCadmeidThebaidin killing the snake everyone else diesneeds a new populationsows the dragons teeth in the groundfor populationsettlement of a new citydragonoffspring of Aresthe autochthons sown from the dragons teethborn fully armedimmediately try to kill each otherfratricidalonly five surviveswear loyalty to Cadmus and support Cadmus with Thebeseach has a spearhead birthmarkall Spartoi have birthmarkwarlike identifies themTheban Family Treeintermarriages between the Spartoi and CadmeiansCadmus marries Harmonia daughter of Ares and AphroditeCadmeiansSpartoicomplicated genealogyintermarriage causes problems later onEchionSpartoifather of Pentheus
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