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CLA204H1 April 3rd Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Hoeschele

Last Fucking Session Exam: Covers the entire course, there will be many identification stuff, to talk about significance etc. Metamorphoses 12-15 -recall that in book 11 the myth complex was story of troy. We heard about how troy was originally founded, cheated apollo and neptune etc, heard about thetis and peleus, etc. Peleus at some court, we're told about some wife mourns for death husband turns to bird and shit, and at end bok 11: we get something about son of Priam who was in love with a girl, girl steps on snake and he jumps off court, now we're at trojan arena in book 12. -look at pentad, this group of 5 books as a whole, its remarkable that the first love story leads to trojan war is that of peleus and thetis, we see thetis shapeshifting, remember she has powers to do that, Peleus still manages to rape her in the end in her normal form. -Vetomlos can also shift his shapes, disguises. Vetomlos is contrast to Peleus and Thetis story, he is a god that when shown true form, the girl loves him immediately, don't need to rape like Peleus raping Thetis. -Vetomlos and Pesomething is a roman story, its much more civilized, the rape stuff are no longer. -the beggining of Pentad to end is interesting about relations of Achilles and father. -at end of pentad in book 15, we yet encounter a son greater than the father. The guy is Augustus, son of Caesar, who is better than his father. -book 12 as a whole tell Book 12 -trojan war not in same manner as illiad -Greeks in Aulis -House of Fama (Rumour) -Banquet of greeks -Nestor as Narrator: Caeneus, Lapiths and Centaurs -Nestor as N: Pericylmenus -Death of Achilles -Contest over Achilles' arms *alot of things that hppens before the illiad, and a lot of things that happens after illiad -so ovid fills in gaps where the big mythical classical didn't talk about, he fills in the holes. Start with Aulis -greeks gather in Aulis -cant get out of harbour so agamenon sacrifices iphignea. Iphignea substitued by a deer and his carried of. House of Fama -personification of rumour -in this context, Ovid is competing with predecessor Virgil -here, one of most memorable scene in Virgil's aeniad is the pesonification of rumour -here, Ovid too features Fama, but doesnt describe her, he just describes the house in which Fama lives -Ovid leaves out what Fama looks like, -the rumour that is being brought is that the Greeks are now in Troy, hre to besiege the city Chilles vs Cycnus -Cycnus wil eventually into a swan -the contest we see here is Achilles throws weapons vs each other -here Cycnus doesnt seem to be wounded at all, Achilles gets mad and crushes him with a rock, he then transforms into a swan Banquets of the Greeks *Ovid tells us that Greeks have banquet at night, having fun, telling stories, etc instead of the Greeks angry at Agamennon like in Illiad* Caeneus Lapiths and Centaurs -this battle is a huge description of a battle that occurs during a wedding between hippome and some dude. She is kidnapped by guest centaur, and this is a total chaotic brawl -Lapiths are legendary people said to live in sicily. Once centaur eurition kidnaps wife, a huge fight happens -this description of that fight really stands for illiad, this is what the Illiad is all about, fighting. Funny thing is the weapons that these guys use aren't swords, they use tree trunks, cups and whatever they got there at the weding, making it rather grotesque. -*how Ovid* manipulates figure of Nestor, to make him even more long- winding. In book 1, Nestor's account of battle in Illiad is so short.."terribly they destroyed them".. but Ovid has 400+ lines of description of this gruesome battle, its so exxageratedly cruel you can only laugh about it... -ovid makes it so overly violent that he draws our attention that Homers got a lot of violence, ovid tops him and makes it fun and funny -Caeneus was once a woman, raped by neptune got compensation so she wanted to turn into a man. -Caeneus became invulnerable, they can't wound him at all., The centaurs just threw all sorts of tree trunks and boulders on him and then bury Caeneus under pile of rocks. What comes out of it, he was changed into a bird, which was exactly what happened to the dude that Achilles crushed. -Nestor said himself participated in this battle, Pericylmenus -Pericylmenus a son of Heracles complains that the story dismissed Heracles -Nestor says the reason Heracles is missing is because he considers Heracles a personal foe. -heracles attacked city Nestor grew up and killed all the boys in the family. Nestor's bro who had gift of metamorphisis was also killed by Heracles. Death of Achilles -die by paris arrow at the heel -achilles burried, -Achilles the best and greatest hero of greek, dead and eliminated but what follows next is the contest over arms of Achilles -so Achilles is dead, so who shall have his remarkable shield BOOK 13 -CONTEST OVER ACHILLES ARMS -SPEECH OF AJAX -SPEECH OF ODYSSEUS -HECUBA -MEMNON -"AENEIS" -DEPARTURE FROM TROY -FROM ANTANDROS TO DELOS -"ANIUS FRAME" -ANIUS AS NARRATOR: THE DAUGHTERS OF ANIUS -EKPHRASIS: THE DAUGHTERS OF ORION -FROM DELOS TO SICILY -"SCYLLA-FRAME" -GALATEA AS NRRATOR: ACIS AND GALATEA -SCYLLA AND GLAUCUS sPEECHes of ajx and odyseus in Contest over Achilles' Arm -Ajax says he should get weap cause they are cousins, he goes on to say Odysseus is a despicable char that didnt want to join the Trojan war (recall Odysseus pretended to be mad but Polymedes put baby son infront of the plow so Odysseus had to reveal his sanity) -ajax also says Odysseus left Philoktetes on the island of Lemnos -Ajax also says Odysseus got polymedes killed (Polymedes was the dude who revealed Odysseus' madness, so odysseus tells others Polymedes betraying greeks to trojans, so Odysseus buries gold in Poly's tent and say those were bribes, the greeks fooled and kills him)
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