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March 6 12 The Fall of Troy and Its Aftermaththe Iliad ends with funeral of Hektorcity still has to be capturedthe Odyssey mentions the Trojan HorseAchilles killed by Paris who is also killedNeoptolemos entering the war one of the conditions for sack of Troy nd Odysseus and Neoptolemos fatch Philoktetes and his bow 2 conditionPhiloktetes kills Paris and Deiphobos marries HelenThe palladion image of Athena in troyas long as the image is in Troy Troy cannot be defeated is stolen by OdysseusTrojan Horse schemeodysseus plan to trick the Trojans into believing that the greeks left and went back home and leave a huge Trojan horse to serve as an offering to the Trojansthe Trojans takes the horse into the city and at night the greeks that were hidden within the Trojan horse killed everyone in the cityAeneas is seen as symbolic figure of RomeLaokoon and his sonshe is a priest and believes that the Trojan horse is a greek trickhe took a spear and tried to put a hole on the horse BUTsince the gods are on the greeks side they sent two huge snakes that killed laokoon and his sonsHis face on the statue is seen as noble simple and silent Tranquility of the soul There is no panicJohann Joachim WinckelmannThe Academyyou can see Laokoon and his sons and on the sides there are painters painting him and his sonsAgamemnon tells Odysseus of Clytemnestras crimeAeschylus was killed by a turtle that was dropped on his head by an eagleThe House of AtreusThyestes seduced the wife of AtreusAtreus wanted revenge so he lures Thyestes back and kills Thyestes children and cooks themhe serves Thyestes children to Thyestes to eatThyestes puts a curse on Atreus familyAgamemnon brings home Cassandra his concubine to his wifeCassandra has visions of the curse and what will happen in the futureAegisthus lover of Agamemnons wife is another son of Thyesteshe is the one who kills Agamemnonhe wants revenge for his family
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