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Lecture 6

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A Keith

Feb29 2012 1CLA204H5 LECTURE 61 Primary centers Hero myths surrounding these centersPerseusArgolid CorinthJason ends upCreteWith Athens not until next weekCalydonMeleagerOrpheus Argolid in north eastern ancient Greece capital was Mycenae important place in this periodMycenae was crowded and wealthy town one Lions gate center of palace complex that is now in ruins9 tholos tombs Tomb of Atreulargest pantheon created afterAlso have beehive tombs and shaft graves many finds came from hereNumber of chamber tombs in Myceane wealthyTiryns is a rival of Mycenae smaller town Mycenaean palace found thereBeehive tombs and Shaft gravestestified to the wealth of the kingdom Mycenaen Royal HousesDifference in funerary customs has been accounted for in mythical stories seen with the different housesPersidaebeehive tombs Atreidaeshaft tombsPersus is the most iconicslaying of the Gorgeon best instance of folktale in a greek mythEverything begins with Perseus mother DanaeDanaos was the person that gives his name to the whole tribePoet uses the word Danaan to refer to the Greeks as a wholeHome of the tribe was in ArgosPerseus adventures particularly the slaying of the Gorgo was popular in classical artnot until ovid do we have written accounts Perseus GenealogyDana kep away from other men by her father becuz of prophecythat he would be killed by his grandson but Zeus transforms himself into a shower fold and sleeps with Danae and gave birth to PerseusThey landed in Seriphos and were refueged their by the FISHERMAN dicitiysPolydectes is in love with Danae and sends Perseus off on the quest Perseus stole the Eye of the Graiai and their toothand black mails themthen he goes on his quest to kill Medusa uses shield to protect him from looking at herTakes medusas head and puts it in his wallet and meets a beautiful women named Andromeda
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