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A Keith

thMarch 14 2012Lecture 8CLA204H THEBES Ovid Metamorphoses34 Ares is the divine ancestor of Thebes Cadmus is the historic divine of Thebes probably from Egypt etc gives his name to the pop Of Thebes Cadmus was abducted by his sister Europa Thebiayaseries of Theban talesCadmus grandson is transformed into a stag and is killed by his dogs Iono is transformed into a sea goddess Boeotia boemeans cowHarmonia the daughter of Ares and AphroditeThe dragon that Cadmus kills had killed all of his friends sews the dragons teeth in the groun to get ppl to settle in the citySpartoi Sown menThe Spartoi inter marry with the CadmeansPg55Death of Narcissusadmiring his reflectiondEath of pentheushis mother and aunt are ripping him in pieces Myenaids womens in appraised frenzy crazed females Actaeon the hunter gets huntedovidthe dogs are sated with their masters blood Diana and her nymphstry to cover her body she feels ashamed as Actaeon was spying on her so Artemis transforms him into a stag and the dogs eat him Diana is satisfied in pg 58 punished for impietyCadmus line never has sons even if they dont Semle persuades Zeus to reveal himself in his true divine form and then kills her He removes the embryo from Semele and sews the embryo in his thigh Zeus thigh birth of DionysusPentheus is punished for impiety as well for spying on the Myenaids bc he wants to see their odd sexual practices it is disrespectful to the god Dionysus TiresiasTiresiaslives through all the births of the Cadmus lines outstanding interpreter of the will of JupiterWas blinded by the goddess Athena for seeing her while she was bathing was given the gift of prophecy to compensate for loss of sightTransformation of Echo from nymph to stone Echo falls in love of Narcissus but rejects her love and fades awayNarcissus falls in love with himself and is punished for his cruelty and arroganceand therefore dies
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