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Lecture 9

CLA204 Lecture 9 Notes

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A Keith

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CLA204 Lecture 9 NotesThe Trojan Warsite of Troy Hissarlikancient stronghold in Northwest Asia Minorexcavated mound in Hissarlik in 18701890accumulation of debrismore excavation in 18931894layers representing different areas of occupationlayers46 different layers 10 major layers layers 15early bronze agelayers 6middlelate bronze ageTroy Iseat of ruler fortified strongholdlastedTroy IIshows marked advance in grandeur and importanceTroy Vvery wealthy gold jewelrygold copper bronzeTroy VIthe horse great buildersthree successive fortification wallswar at least four grand gateways two of which were surrounded by massive towersTemple of Athenalarge freestanding housesoutside of acropolisdemolished by earthquake around 1300 BCETroy VIIrebuilt the samemodest settlementruined by fire around 1250 BCEviolence may have accompanied the disaster th Troy VIIAin 13 c BCEMycenaean GreeceTroy VIIBTroy in broader Greek mythTroy VIIB leadership power wealthflourished at this timearchaeological discoverieshistorical truth behind Greek mythCauses of Trojan WarThetisfated to bear a son mightier than his fatherdisclosed by ThemisPrometheus told Zeusgave her to the most deserving mortal PeleusPeleusson of Aeacus king of AeginaPeleusman of Peliontransfer to folktale motifkills and goes into exilemotherEndeisbrothersTelamon Phocussaid to have killed his halfbrother Phocus with Telamonwent to Phthiaby Eurytionmarries Antigoneaccidental murder of kinEurytion father in law
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