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Lecture 10

CLA204 Lecture 10 Notes

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A Keith

CLA204 Lecture 10 Notes Trojan Kings Hector - tamer of horses - the death of Hector is at the end of the Iliad ends with his death - Trojan War continues after his death Famous Trojans - Hectors parents Priam and Hecuba - Hectors brothers- Dephobus, Helenus - Hectors son Astyanax asty-anax, city-lord - Hectors wife Andromache man-fighting later marries Neoptolemus and Helenus - Hectors cousin Aeneas Dephobos - second Trojan husband of Helen after Paris dies Helenus - warrior and prophet - gives Hector advice in the Iliad - wounded by Menelaus - Sophocles prophecy to Odysseus to go and retrieve Philoctetes and his bow from Lemnos - Philoctetes had been abandoned in Lemnos - Helenus is enslaved after the sack of Troy - enslaved to Neoptolemus and later given Andromache as a wife - settles in Epirus where he marries her - in Epirus makes a replica of Troy is visited by Aeneas - predicts the future to Aeneas will wander and found a line that leads to the Romans Andromache - daughter of Etion - from Thebe in Asia Minor - Achilles kills her father and brothers, ransoms her mother - gives Hector advice in book 6 of the Iliad compete - typical determination on what she does not understand military tips - name meaning andro or man, machy or battle - does not ask Hector to stop going into battle just fight defensively Hector is the protector - son Astyanax - after the fall of Troy becomes a slave and concubine Astyanax is killed by Neoptolemus - after Hectors she marries Neoptolemus/Pyrrhus, becomes his slave and concubine and has three sons - sons Pergamus, Pielus, Molossus - wife of Neoptolemus Hermione, daughter of Helen and Menelaus - Euripides threatened with death by Hermione - protected by grandfather of Neoptolemus, Peleus - after the death of Neoptolemus marries Helenus in Epirus Cestrinus - mourns Hector and Astyanax does not pay attention to her current husband and son Amazons - led by Penthesilea fight against the Greeks help Trojans - amazon unbreasted - exist to be fought and defeated - hero Bellerophon defeats them in Lycia - poem following the Iliad in the Epic Cycle queen Penthesilea is said to be the daughter of Ares arrives from Thrace to help the Trojans - gifted in battle - Penthesilea - Achilles kills Penthesilea then kills Thersites who taunts him for falling in love with her - ninth labour of Herakles was to acquire the girdle of the Amazon queen Hippolyte another Amazonomachy resulted invaded Attica to retrieve it - Amazon tombs in Athens - Amazoneum the shrine of the Amazons shrine, cult, tomb of the Amazons in Attica - some die in Athens, but they live on the borders of the known world - usual homeland near the river Thermodon Themiscyra Pontic Asia Minor - reverse normal Greek rule - house husbands Amazons in Libya return to their husbands after military service opposite to Greek society - are said to cripple their male children - reverse rules of society in Greek myth - popular in Greek and Roman art central role in myth - J. J. Bachofen, Mutterrecht Mother-right Amazons as evidence of real historical matriarchy - mothers and hunters common in myth reversal of the actual distribution of roles between sexes - myth symbolize disorder must be brought back into order by men reimposition of a natural hierarchy - matriarchy, rule of mothers vs. patriarchy rule of fathers - misogyny Eos - ravishes Prince Tithonus - immortality is granted to Tithonus dawn asks for his immortality but forgets to ask for agelessness - eternal youth not granted Tithonus ages until he becomes the size of a cicada - son Memnon assists the Trojans has armor made by Hephaistos, just like Achilles - son kills many Greeks fights Achilles and is killed - the heroes fight while each mother pleads with Zeus for their sons life Thetis and Eos - Eos asks Zeus to show his a special honour - Aethropis follow the Iliad says that Memnon is made immortal- other stories Zeus made smoke from his funeral pyre turn into birds which separated in two and fought a battle feathers/died tribute to Memnon new flocks said to gather every year - dew is said to be the tears of Eos shed for her son mourning his death Memnon - son of Dawn and Tithonus - connected with Susa in Asia Minor Persia - also associated with Egyptian cities Thebes, Abydos - Colossi of Memnon said to emit musical note when the first ray of dawn strikes it as if greeting his mother Eos - Memnoneion shrine of Memnon at each city - heroic depictions in art - sometimes portrayed as having black African attendants Famous Deaths at Troy - Protesilaos role is to be the first kill in the war name means first of the people first death first Greek to set foot off the ship would be the first to die prophecy for a long period of time all Greeks stayed on the ship did not want to die eventually leaps off the ship and is promptly killed - Sarpedon
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