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University of Toronto St. George
Mariapia Pietropaolo

Lecture 10CLA204March 13th nd Missed lecture 9 1hr after 2 testLecture after test 2 dionysus bacchus liber same person admitted to patheon of olympus than others some say replaced hestia to become one of the twelve initial 12 olympians god of wine god taught the art of turning the juice of these fruit into wine wine was the everyday drink of the time identified as a male object of fertility other side of demeter encourages the flourishing of everything that is alive associated with water blood semen liquid entities he can be viewed as a companion to the great fertility goddess associated with death and life thick lushous ivy is the representation of him if this appears then he will follow always represented young and beautiful only rarely with a beard wears a leopard skin and has panthers pulling his chariot dionysis ferocity sexual virility in animals characterization associated with animals beautiful live and terrible like the god himself associated with goats which are notoriously sexual and bulls can change his shape into a bull too pine tree that stays green all year is also associated to dionysus many myths about him many pieces are put together clashing information 2 homeric hymns about him a tragedy called bacchi he meets ariadne he comes with a band of many things and marries her he was born in thebes and has strong associations with the city of thebes story of dionysuss birth born out of zeuss thigh known as the twice born god his father is zeus mother is mortal semele she wants to see him in his normal form she dies after seeing him hera queen of heaven struck the god with madness that he would later bring to his followers he wandered around egypt asia minor and frygia he wandered around in the far east that he brought back to greece his frenzy and madness his followers were called baccae women possessed by baccus bacchantes maenads thyiades look updefinitions most of his followers were women he had a satyr define silenus and satyrs a lot of art with these peoplecreatures he brings back with him a new kind of religion that he adopts in the east during his madness it is resisted bc new and foreign and not the norm culture not easily accepted everyone who rejects him is punished quite vicious daughters of someone who dont want to do his bidding makes them think that they are cows but are not and they wander off as people thinking they are cows resistance to his cult and the vengeance to the people that resist him he goes back to thebes to punish his moms sisters bc the sisters made fun of semele when she said her baby was fathered by zeus pentheus resists dionysis no one is any of these stories blames dionysus for taking this vengeance his association with death was not questioned fits in with him being a fertility figure a cycle association life death renewal sometime it comes in the form of vicious punishment dionysis is sthe opposite of what a mind thinks as good and right dionysium relgion was different from other religions ands gods other olympians were known through what they did zeuslighting they werent manifested into actual people most of the time the greeks
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