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CLA204 Lecture 4

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Jarrett Welsh

CLA204 – Lecture 4 October 4, 2012 APOLLO, HERMES & DIONYSUS  Apollo: prophecy and music (brief consideration of Apollo in love) o Similarities to Artemis  Hermes: “boundaries”  Dionysus: God of ‘fluid force’ o The problem of myth and religion and what he tells us about the gods  Demeter: the grand Homeric hymn and its ideas o Abduction of her daughter Persephone  APOLLO o Talk about him as a God who is connected to Delphi, emphasizes the ideas represented in the image o Talks about Daphne and the love affair o Briefly talks about his connection with his music  God of prophecy  DELLOS o Important as the birthplace of Apollo but Delphi takes over in myths and etc.  DELPHI o Because he was born at Delos, he was suppose to favour it forever – question how is Apollo brought to Delphi, and more importantly why  Answer: Apollo in his birthplace announces looks to found the oracle to enter his worship for Phrotic god and he ends up to reside in Delphi.  He apparently got it by slaying a dragon, and the rotting dragon gave one of his names.  Many people told the story in this way to claim that epithis namely the myths like this are used to explain certain ideas like why he is connected to Delphi etc. o How things get there to start: once he has sanctuary, he needs a temple staff to run it.  LOVE OF APOLLO o Talk about him as a humane person as a destructive force. o Story of Daphne: in tangible, it explains how the laurel plant came to sacred for Apollo. o It represents his pursuits of Apollo and their rejection of him o Daphne was another follower of Artemis  Cupid caused Daphne to runaway from love, but tries to persuade her with no avail, and she prays to her father to save her, then she turned into a laurel plant.  Apollo’s Music o This hymn describes them as singers and players and it specifically says that those men who muses love and end up being single; the connection here is whoever sang this hymn could have written it as an inspirer of Apollo but looks at the general idea of musical competition they demonstrate how.  Pan o Apollo and Pan are having a contest on music CLA204 – Lecture 4 October 4, 2012 o Pan – a reed pipe o Midas thought Pan should have on and Apollo turns Midas’ ears into a donkey, so he tried to hide it in secret.  Hermes o Symbols  Petasus  Caduceus  Winged sandals o Roles (Homeric Hymns to Hermes)  God’s messenger  Luck-bringer  God of Trade and Commerce o AKA “Trickster” connects with those ideas about trade o Also a God of Travelers, or as a protect
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