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CLA204H1F Lecture 4

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Jarrett Welsh

CLA204H1F L4; Oct 04, 2012 Lecture 4: Topics 1. Apollo: prophecy and music o brief consideration of Apollo in love o similarities to artemis 2. Hermes: boundaries 3. Dionysus a god of fluid force o The problem of myth & religion o Pan (a god in his own right but not as important) & what he tells us about the gods 4. Demeter: the grand Homeric hymn and its ideas Apollo Belvedere Second century AD Roman copy of a Hellenistic bronze original Vatican Museums (Pio-Clementino), 1015 RF Bell Krater Manner of the Dinos Painter Ca. 425410 BC London, British Museum E502 Trustees of the British Museum Apollo connected by myth to Delphi God of prophecy at Delphi, also of music Also god of medicine Major figure in musical contests Holding an instrument too large for him Apollo and artemis usually connected in art, simiarity Delos, view from the sea Sanctuary of Apollo & city of ancient Delos In antiquity was vibrant commercial centre, major site of worship of Apollo Religious practices Birthplace of Apollo, then importance diminishes Delphi become more important He looks far out at sea and sees a ship sailing from knossus up towards sandi? Pylos o Both places = maor palaces cetres in Minoan and myceneaen cultures Appears, intercepts the ship, leeps on the deck in form of huge dolphin Summons a wind to guide the ship to land much farther north at Delphi Jumps off ship, reveals god form, orders them to establish a cult to him as Apollo Delphinius & accompany him up hill to Delphi descendents = keep of temple Story explains name of place Delphi o Delphis = greek word for dolphin, both Delphi & deplhineus in greek look like this Story also explains why important religious centre for Delphi, Temple of Apollo, from above whole greek world Sanctuary of Apollo Unhappy king of Lydia said to be awed by apollos In centre, temple of Apollo prophetic powers, sent for the oracle Omphalos kept in temple, marked centre of earth, Pay attention to geography many cities named related universe to the journey of the ship o Jupiter releases two eagles from edges of earth, o Many southwest places named in hymn to Apollo collided here Major fn of story is to connect pylos and Delphi Centre of known world o Also connects the places along the way Importance to entire greek world revealing idea o Connecting all characters in the story Born at delos leto promised he would favor it forever o Tangible reality to ideas Apollo is connected w o Explaining why Apollo is important to all of these o So how and why is Apollo brought to Delphi? o Apollo at birth announces hes going to be the places mouthpiece of the gods o Connections of myths w places o Travels throughout Greece looking for his oracle o Explains why, not just how o Takes residence in Delphi o Slayed dragon, layed out corpse in sun near sanctuary o Pytho = to rot o From the slaying,acquired one of more important epithets, Pythian Apollo Cant explain well Myth gives a justification for how things are Once taken the sanctuary over from the oracle that was there before, needs a temple staff Red-figure hydria Apollo Delphinius The Berlin Painter Ca. 480470 BC Vatican, Museo Gregoriano Etrusco The Contest of Apollo and Marsyas Red-figure kalyx krater RF hydria Marsyas Apollo in pursuit, perhaps of Daphne The Suessula Painter Near to The Peleus Painter Ca. 400 BC Ca. 450440 BC London, British Museum E490 London, British Museum E170 Trustees of the British Museum Trustees of the British Museum Marsyas = seder goat-human combo The Loves of Apollo Humane character of Apollo in this story & others like it o Carries large knife Many of his affairs unsuccessful, tragic a god that cant Athena had an instrument first, discarded it due to vanity (made her cheeks puff out), Marsyas took the achieve whatever he wants flute, taught himself, says he can rival Apollo o Shows the gods are quite human o Story of daphne most famous, explains how to laurel Condition: winner could do what he wanted w the loser plant came to be sacred to Apollo (daphne in greek) o Marsya at first seems to be winning (shown on Daphne was transformed into the plant vase) o Athena immediately to his right (helmet) Vase: rejections of Apollo Daphne was a follower of artemis On either side, Apollo & Artemis, pivotal moment hasnt Ovid: cupid (roman eros) cause Apollo to fall in love w occurred yet daphne & also for daphne to run away Apollo turns his lyre upside-down, plays well, challenges Marsyas to do the same Apollo wins o Tries to persuade her in retorical style that he loves him o Daphne pays to her father to be rescued, so is Pic of marysas w big knife (closeup) turned into laurel plant Its not that hes undesirable, but its not for them Clumsy, comically inept at love God of rationality, rational bhvr o Contrast w Dionysus (irrational, almost inhuman in bhvr) o Doesnt achieve, in the ways that humans also dont achieve Apollos Music Homeric hymn 5: To the Muses and Apollo From the muses let me begin, and Apollo and zeus; for from the muses and far-shooting Apollo men are singers and lyre-players on earth, and from zeus they are kings. He is fortunate whom the Muses love: the voice flows sweet from his lips. Hail, children of zeus; honour my singing; i will take heed of you and of other singing. Apollo = quick to punish
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