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Lecture 12

Textbook Readings for Lecture 12

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Regina Höschele

CLA219: Women inAntiquity Text 71 71. Cicero on Clodia. Rome, 56 BC (Cicero, Pro Caelio 13-16. 42 L) • Cicero speaking against a certain woman, Clodia, in defense of Marcus Caelius Rufus, a for- mer protege He deliberately blurred the formal charges under the law against riot and amused the jury, esti- • vate because it had been empaled on a holiday • Gives a spicy portrait of a notorious woman, arguing hat she had sponsored the prosecution for personal reasons • Two accusations against Caelius: stolen gold, and attempted poisoning • He says that everything else of gossip, and spread by Clodia who was obviously jilted • She is merely attacking him, and without her there would be no case • Subtly accuses her of incest - “confuses” her brother for her husband (this is his sarcastic wit in action) • “I never considered it wise to many an enemy of a woman, especially one who is generally considered everybody’s friend” • Is this a jab that meaning she is loose? • Cicero jokingly calls up one of the “old beards” - an ancestor of Clodia - in order to speak and reprimand her in his place Caecus the Blind: uses her lineage to shame her on going for someone beneath her status. If • not her male lineage
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