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Lecture 10

Textbook Readings for Lecture 10

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Regina Höschele

CLA219: Women inAntiquity Text 143,Aristophanes Lysistrata 143. Prostitution (Digest 23.2.43 pr.-6; 23.2.41 pr.-1.L) • Awoman is a prostitute not only if she openly practices prostitution in a brothel, but wherever she fails to show modesty I.e., she is a prostitute if she is immodest - not necessarily meaning having sex? • • Speaker asserts that ‘openly’is indiscriminately, and holds no precedence over crimes such as adultery, or ‘unlawful intercourse’, but solely where she sustains the role of a prostitute: • Awoman has a sex in return for payment with only one or two persons is not considered to have ‘openly’prostituted herself • Octavenus (Ajurist) asserts that a woman publicly prostitutes herself not for money should fit into this category (i.e., she likes to have sex with many different people?) • The aw brands with infamy those women who practice prostitution, but also one who has for- merly done so, even though she no longer continues to prostitute herself • The disgrace is not removed even if the practice is discontinued • Awoman is not to be excused if she leads a shameful life even if she tries to justify it by her poverty • The occupation of a pimp is not less disgraceful than the practice of prostitution • Interesting - presumably a male role? (otherwise a ‘madam’? Or is this a more recent term than antiquarian?) • The disgrace attaches to those women who live unchastely and earn money by prostitution, even if not openly • Speaker asserts that if a woman becomes the concubine of someone other than her patron, she does not preserve the honorable status of a matron Aristophanes Lysistrata • Lysistrata notices that for an urgent matter, no women have shown up yet • Cleonice says it is not easy for a woman to leave the house, she is busy pottering after husband, or getting the servant up, or putting their child to bed (or washing or feeding it) • Cleonice asks why Lysistrata as gathered them: • Makes euphemism for penis • If it were really for a dick there would never be an absentee • Lysistrata’s idea is for a woman to save Greece - and if their enemies’women join in it will be a help Women inspect one another • • Ex, Cleonice opens Lampitos robe to look at her breasts • Lysistrata does not even have a dildo to help her out - they all lament their dry season as their husbands are gone • They will refrain from sex in order to stop the war • The women not happy with her plan - would sooner climb the pyre then fast of sex • Hard thing for women to go without sex, but peace comes first • If they sit indoors and look desirable their husbands will get all aroused and they will refuse them If their husbands force them than they will make it as bad as possible • • No satisfaction for the man unless the woman shares it! • Oath over unmixed wine - of course, as women are drunks CLA219: Women inAntiquity Text 143,Aristophanes Lysistrata • At the end of the oath “and if I keep my oath, may I be suffered to drink of this wine” • Cleonice is encouraged by this - obviously another allusion to women being drunks Old women take the acropolis, much tot he distress of returning men • • Threaten to burn them on the acropolis • Chorus and Men and Women confront one another • Euphemism - the woman will put out the mans fire • Magistrate speaks about theAdoni - festival of adonis • Women have no shame • Magistrate alludes to women being adulterers - their husbands run errands to the jewelers or
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