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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Höschele

CLA 219Women in AntiquityR Hschele120412ANCIENT ROMAN WOMENBe aware that the encountered portrayals are very biasedCornelia Mother of the Gracchi191190100 BCDaughter of Scipio Africanus conqueror of Hannibal in 202 BC172 BC married to Tiberius Sempronius GracchusBore 12 children only 3 survive to adulthoodSempronia Tiberius GaiusUnivira oRefused marriage proposal by Ptolemy VIII Physcon after her husbands deathAbsolute embodiment of a good womanIdentified through her motherhoodndScipio Africanus was the conqueror of Hannibal 2 Punic War heroShe was 18 to her husbands 45Name3 partssto1 name given personal namendo2 name name of clan akin to last namerdo3 name nicknameoEg Tiberius is the given name Sempronius is the name of their clan and Gracchus is his nickname passed on to childrenoFemale children take the feminine form of their clan nameeg SemproniaDont have a personal historical account of CorneliaoLetters supposedly written to her son Gaius not hersoEvident in her letters that she is eloquent welleducated and gave good education to her sonsStatue for her elected for her during the Augustan ageunusual because she is mortal and ndhistorical2 c BC oMore likely that a statue of a goddess reinterpreted as Corneliaput in the Portico stOctaviae the 1 public building named after a woman dedicated to Octavia Augustus sisterStatue of sitting Corneliastatue base found according to Plinys accountoCornelia daughter of Africanus mother of the GracchiEldest son Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus 163133 BC tribune of the people oTried to have a law passed regarding the redistribution of public landdisliked by the patricians the ones who monopolized the landsoAssassinated 133 BCGaius his brother does the same thingbecame a tribune tried to pass the law and got assassinated 121 BCoSocial reforms seen as problematic by the patriciansAnxiety and displeasure was attached to the names of the Gracchi but Cornelia was untouched by this taintLegend Tiberius their father loved Cornelia so much that he killed a male snake instead of the female snake to let Cornelia live ona meorher situation found the snake in their bedroomomens of death PlutarchoReasoning shes younger and their children still need their mother
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