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Lecture 9

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Regina Hoschele

LECTURE 9 ARISTOPHANES LYSISTRATA  Socrates  Eripades  Icho Aristophanes: comical playwright  11 comedies, most written and performed during a major war in which Athens was involved – Palopanesian War (432-404BC)  In one way or another, his comedies deal with this war, and his common plot was how to make peace and how to make a better wife by not fighting these wars – a satirical comment.  Direct attacks for politicians – old comedy of Athens  New comedy in next century is that of those of soap operas and modern romantic plots, different from aristophanic plays.  In 415, *PROBOULOS, established by catastrophe, it is a group of very old persons who would make important decisions  Year 411 – lysistrata written. *OLIGARCHIC REGIME: a rule by the few, versus the rule by the people (400 vs. 5000)  First the establishment of the proboulos community, and then the 400. And then after this, they returned back to democracy, which is an important idea because all of this lead back to Aristophanes plays. Athens is famous in its democracy, where all male citizens could participate, not women. Arisophanes Lysistrata: imagines a temporary gynecocry (Athens run by woman) - funny even today, because it relates to many relatable concepts - Common idea: Athenian women are sick of their men being away to their war, and to stop them from fighting they refused to have sex with them. So all Greek woman are on “sex strike”. Which is harder to realize, because the woman actually do still want sex. - Over and over, similar ideas are put into action today - MAKE LOVE NOT WAR Important Elements of the Plot/Imagery Lystratrata is the same year Aristotle put the the play (all female festival) - 2 women plays in one year - LENAIA FESTIVAL (JAN) for people from Athens - DIONIZIA (bigger, attracted for spectators from other cities) Sex strike, Occupation of the Occropules Occropules: took control on the finances of the state, so if they had money, men couldn’t fight Whole state is paralyzed by the occupation of the occropules 2 conflicts: external (Athensvs. Sparta), internal (MvsF) Split between M and F, is symbolized by the split of the chorus, one consisting of old men, the other of old women – it usually is one chorus- SYMBOLICAL 2 important elements for Greek plays: actors who speak in iambs, and chorus are those who sing in lyric meters In tragedy there is an alternation between in actors and chorus, where chorus will comment on tragedy *Stratos: Greek for army *Lysistraty: the women who dissolves the army *LYSIMICHE: the one who dissolves the battle PRIESTESS POLIAS – Athena god guardian WHATS THE OTHER NAME? Lysistraty bears the name the name of the Athena of Nike (Athena of victory) – Significant the Aristophanes chooses names the recall these prominent contemporaries Common idea: to impose a gynecracy, a ruling by women, temporarily - A way out of the war, a means to stop the fighting Ex) AMAZONS: a people of woman living without man. They are self sufficient F people, who once in a while go out and have sex with M, keeping the female babies and give away the Ms - THESEUS: raped one of the amazons, so amazons tried to attack Ex) LEMNOS – island of the god Hephaestus: women have offended Aphrodite, who takes revenge by making them smell of very bad, so men don’t want to have sex anymore. And out of anger, they kill the men off. A FEMALE RULER IS NOT SOMETHING THAT IS THOUGHT OF AS POSITIVE - Usually a prologue of a monologu
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